Why I make boardgames with my daughter
Alistair Croll

What a fantastic article Alistair — thanks for sharing! This year at my school we are jumping into board games and into making and tinkering as well. Kids have really gotten into games like Forbidden Island, Prime Climb, Exploding Kittens, and Otrio, to name a few. We are also dusting off some of the older pen and paper games for those who are eager to experience something a bit more immersive.

Honestly, our next step was to start making games — and this is a wonderful primer on how to do it — and what not to do. We have had to think about some alternative ways to give kids who share my challenge with drawing (stickpeople would be my ceiling…) a way to create. We are in the midst of purchasing a small cricut printer and a 3D printer for them to realize their creations in a variety of ways. They will be heavily used in our makerspace, I think (not just for board games). These will supplement the Lego base we already have in the works — Lego might also work for some game elements I would think?

One thing I thought of as well — I have used Twine with my students to create Choose Your Own Adventure type stories. Simple and works very well and don’t need to be online to do it.

Anyways, I will be sharing this with my staff. Thanks so much.