Just say ‘yes’.

With the advent of 2018, I’ve read a lot of encouraging messages from people on their motivations for the year ahead. Their posts are inspired from the lessons they learned in 2017 & then what goals they may have set for the coming year. There were also some fairly funny posts on unrealistic goals.

Image: http://www.yvonnelieblein.com/just-say-yes/

One common theme I noticed was to say ‘yes’ in 2018. I believe I understand & appreciate that sentiment, which is a positive one. People should absolutely find ways to say ‘yes’, pioneer a new way forward & get involved in their world. However, there is success and growth that comes through knowing your priorities & focusing on the right areas to reach your goals. If I’m saying ‘yes’ to everything, what I am also saying is that nothing is a priority.

For me, the times I’ve said ‘no’, were usually more important than the times I said ‘yes’. Don’t confuse options with opportunity.