World Binary Exchange — Service Offered by Mark Tencaten and Team

World Binary Exchange

While the binary trade marketplace is marked by several scams, has proved its legitimate over time. The company is registered and has a physical presence in Australia.

The success of World Binary Exchange rests on its highly professional nature of operations, and the high quality of service on offer. The company offers binary trade options in 29 of the world’s most popular indices, including US-NASDAQ, US-DOW, UK-FTSE, NIK225 of Japan, MSCI-Singapore, SSE180 of Shanghai, NIFTY of India, and many more. A highly resourceful and competent team of professional analysts track these index in real time, round the clock, and offer their insights to subscribers. Such insights rarely go wrong, as evident from the super-high returns customers have made, consistently since 2013, when the company was established.

World Binary Exchange offers a choice of six packages for investors, with varying levels of investment and working capital requirements. Higher the worth of the package, investors gain access to real-time alerts from more number of indexes, and get opportunity to do more number of trades per week. There is a free three-day trial offer available now, for investors to test the waters before they commit fully. The returns published over the years indicate that higher the package, and larger the investment, greater the returns on investment. While the basic entry level Exchange2 package has offered a return of 10 percent per month, on average, the higher World Exchange package has offered a whopping 50 percent return per month, on average.

Mark Tencaten and team offer an excellent level of service to customers. All subscribers, regardless of the package chosen, are assured of a high-quality customer and technical support. The higher packages also attract dedicated support. The company has well-developed systems and procedures in place. Subscribers have a private web interface to engage with the company. The company publishes results regularly through the website and social media.

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