It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

What a pathetic, non-admitting post. You don’t seem to understand that although Barack Obama was a charasmatic man who was wildly and wrongly attacked by the outright lies of the right who created a non-existent charicature of him the fact of the matter is that the Democratic party under his leadership abandoned the values of the New Deal. Obama pulled corporatist moves left and right. Obamacare will now be gone but it was a Frankenstien in the first place and it didn’t have to be. It was a corporate giveaway to the insurance industry and they omitted the public option before it ever even got a chance to lose so it’s a load of crap that it was as good as the dems could. Support for trade bills like TPP contradict direct with everything that the Democrats should be the party of. There is an unfortunate confusion of acceptance of socially progressive ideas as what Democratic voters should be most concerned about. “It’s the economy stupid” was famously said. Identity politics are low hanging fruit. The Democratic party was and is so in bed with corporate interests that it’s disgusting and this is spoken by a person who is a successful small business owner and is mortified at how US trade policies, tax policies and overall economic policies are a one way funnel to the top and the Democratic party on the whole including Barack Obama did next to nothing to even try to correct the problem. Guess what? I LOVE Elizabeth Warren. I don’t hate Hillary because she’s a woman — OK? I hate her because before I read the wikileaks emails I knew she was a coporate scumbag to the highest levels. Also as an IT professional I can tell you that there is and was ZERO reason for her shady private server and her deletions of the emails and I have zero interest in the “Well Bush was worse” — Bush was a war criminal. You are setting a damn low bar to compare yourself to the worst administration in modern times so all of that nonsense is irrelevant. And no, I’m not a pawn of the right wing media which is the insult so generally thrown. Benghazi was nonsense but it’s not what sunk Hillary and in fact she did a damn impressive job in front of that set of hearings. What sunk her, and the legacy of Barack Obama was the Neo-Liberal failure of a concept — take fully right wing business ideas, pepper them with a salt of somewhat progressive social policies and think it’s a recipe for success. Oh yeah — and thank Debbie Wasserman Schultz for a rigged debate schedule and putting every obstacle in place toward having an actual opposition. You don’t think that so many millions of voters were revolted and tangibly couldn’t go out and vote for Hillary because of how badly the primaries stank of festering cronyism and a total lack of care of anything but a coronation? Lastly blame HILLARY herself for being so self centered to as not to realize how radically toxic her name was for real or unreal reasons she was HATED with a LOATHING passion by the opposition — the hatred of Hillary was and is even worse than that of Obama had been and being so self-driven and selfish not to realize that an army was building against her that would bring her candidacy to an end no matter who the lowest, most horrible person they could put up was simply because they absolutely hated HER — not some random Democrat. Bernie doesn’t owe anyone an apology. They blind, ignorant neo-liberals that make up the corporate Democratic wall are the ones who owe an apology to the world. Because Trump is a monster and with the tri-fecta of the power every worst nightmare of all of us progressives is going to be made true BECAUSE OF HILLARY. NOT BECAUSE OF BERNIE. OK?

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