Why I’m Going to the White House Today
Jennifer Pahlka

As a rule of law activist I’m trying to understand why you think the Trump admin doesn’t support the ‘rule of law.’

The term ‘rule of law’ does not refer to someone’s hurt feelings over a policy they don’t like. It is used to describe the contract we have in a free and democratic society to use the law and courts instead of intimidation and violence. Give me one example of the Trump admin’s violation of that contract, please.

The 9th Circuit doesn’t support the rule of law by over-ruling the president’s right to control immigration. Even still, Trump has abided by these obnoxious rulings.

There’s a Republican Congress, Senate and President, yet there’s a special prosecutor looking into fabricated claims of ‘Russian collusion’ (pardon me while I gag) against a Republican president.

No, it’s the radical left, including the ‘Democratic’ Party, that doesn’t support the rule of law with its #RESISTANCE to a duly elected president and support for violence and intimidation against him and his supporters.

If you’re really looking to uphold the rule of law, during your visit to the WH perhaps you might voice your support for a special prosecutor to look into, oh I don’t know…Clinton’s emails, her Russian deal for uranium, her foundation, and maybe Obama’s AG Lynch for that obstruction of justice Comey testified about.

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