Communists/Antifa: punching old men on the steps of City Hall and intimidating women in London, Ontario, Canada, Sept 23/17

Incitement. Intimidation. Violence. More Incitement.

(Code of Conduct complaint vs. Council re Aug 26/17 rally: LINK)

On September 23/17 Pegida Canada ( held a ‘Let Us Speak’ rally in London, Ontario, Canada in response to the abuse and violence they suffered after the Mayor and Council (minus Councillor Hubert) falsely smeared them as white supremacists and helped incite a large, abusive, violent mob against them at their rally, Aug 26th. PEGIDA Canada supporters were, for the second time abused, insulted and physically attacked on the steps of City Hall.

Here is the chronology:


Sept 18/17: Mark Vandermaas media release calling on council to denounce abuse and violence against PEGIDA Canada ahead of the upcoming rally, and clear their name of false charges of being white supremacist hate-mongers.

It was ignored.


Sept 19/17: At 7:27am Anthony Verberckmoes posts this on Facebook:

Fifteen minutes later, at 7:42am Verberckmoes posts this glorification of ‘punching nazis’:

I reported the above two items to London Police Service as a possible threat to us on Sept 20/17, three days before the rally.

This is Anthony Verberckmoes’ new Facebook profile picture, taken at the Sept 23rd rally where he helped block in an old man who was punched in the face by another man (pics below):

Sept 22/17: CHRW FM 94.9 at Western University broadcasts the ‘Indignants Show’ with Mike Roy and Bailey Lamon. Here is a picture of Lamon as she spit in the face of a PEGIDA Canada woman at the Aug 26/17 rally:

During their radio show, broadcast live on Facebook, Roy and Lamon take turns making one outrageous allegation after another against PEGIDA Canada, claiming they are Alt-Right (white supremacists); Nazis; a hate group; xenophobic; against all Muslim people; Islamophobic; and don’t want immigrants to Canada (all provably false; see also:

Bailey Lamon, who spit on PEGIDA Canada woman, Aug 26/17, sits in control room of CHRW 94.9FM at Western University, Sept 22/17.

Perhaps the most shocking accusation from Lamon was her statement that PEGIDA Canada believes that “refugees should die in the Mediterranean rather than come to our country because they’re Muslim…

Mike Roy sits in control room of CHRW 94.9FM at Western University, Sept 22/17.

Mike Roy went even further, stating that he had no problem ‘hindering’ PEGIDA Canada’s free speech because “some of these folks are cool with genocide” and are “inciting genocidal attitudes…

During the rest of their show, Roy and Lamon went on to ‘contextualize’ violence against those they deemed too dangerous to be allowed to speak in London. There was even a reference to how their group(s) had actually used violence in the past.

LISTEN: CHRW 94.9FM, Indignants Show, Bailey Lamon & Mike Roy, Sept 22/17, 1:33pm [LINK, 28.19min] (As of 1650 Sept 29/17, one day after publishing this report, Mike Roy has either deleted his broadcast or restricted access to his Facebook page. Fortunately, I recorded a copy of the show for future use. Media/govt inquiries to


Sept 23/17 (RALLY DAY): CHRW FM 94.9’s Mike Roy confronts Mark Vandermaas about ‘punching nazis’:

Anthony Verberckmoes (red shirt) and spitter Bailey Lamon (black shirt w/knit beret) share a joke:

Anthony Verberckmoes (who falsely accused PEGIDA Canada of being white supremacists/Nazis, and posted on how glorious it was to punch ‘Nazis’ shares a joke w/Bailey Lamon who was arrested for spitting on a PEGIDA Canada woman, Aug 26/17.

‘GOOD NIGHT WHITE PRIDE’: Masked Communist/Antifa holds ‘battle flag’ calling for violence against PEGIDA Canada ‘white supremacists’:

Communists/Antifa — Masked:

More Communists:



Masks, false accusations of ‘WHITE SUPREMACY’ and a threat?: ‘Didn’t you learn your lesson last time???’ Refers to Aug 26/17 rally where innocent PEGIDA Canada people were attacked:

More masks:

As PEGIDA Canada begins to organize for a march the Communists/Antifa start intimidating and blocking them. This is actually a criminal offence that could be either Mischief or Forcible Confinement. In this picture, you can see they are using a flag pole to stop free movement by the PEGIDA Canada supporter in the red shirt:


In the picture below the old man (black shirt w/beige wide-brim hat) is being blocked by a masked Communist/Antifa. You can’t see his PEGIDA Canada sign in this image. This is a crime by itself, but it will quickly escalate into something more vicious. The man in the red shirt is helping to block the old man with his hip. He is Anthony Verberckmoes:

Below we see a third man (in the middle) come into the picture, and Anthony Verberckmoes in the red shirt now is trying to block the old man with his arm:

Below, the man in the middle throws a vicious punch that will knock the old man to the ground:

The old man hits the ground in front of the police officer, and the man who punched him runs away but is soon captured by police:

The old man’s crime? The Communists/Antifa decided he was a Nazi who deserved to be punched because he believed in PEGIDA Canada’s mission of protecting civil liberties from Sharia law. Then, the three of them, who have likely never bothered to read what PEGIDA Canada actually stands for intimidated him, blocked him in and set him up for the punch in the face.

Watch it in real time:

This video shows the attack from another angle:

Here is what Anthony Verberckmoes proudly posted just a couple of hours later after the attack on the old man:

The man who punched the old man in the head was eventually charged by police. This was confirmed to me personally by London Police:


Eventually, we began walking away from City Hall. It was not enough for the Communists/Antifa to intimidate and assault us at the rally. They followed us, surrounded us, taunted us all the way because they decided we didn’t deserve to be heard, didn’t deserve to exercise our Charter rights, didn’t deserve to have the simple dignity of peacefully walking on the streets of London.

This video was broadcast live on Twitter via Periscope. Barbara Bedford, the lady doing the broadcasting, captures yet another view of the assault on the old man before showing the incessant intimidation of the Communists/Antifa crowd:

One of them said, when a few of us were separated from the main group, ‘Now we’ve got you.’ Were it not for the constant presence of police there is no doubt in my mind that there would have been further attacks.

Several years ago, I had a heart attack. I wanted desperately to stop and rest and drink some water, but I didn’t dare because I was sure I would be attacked. I was being followed by a masked woman who was grabbing my Israel flag, and Anthony Verberckmoes was on my left side. Others were commenting about ‘the Zionist’ because of my Israeli flag. It was a brutally hot day, but I kept walking as fast as I could, hoping the mob would get tired of harassing us. Eventually they did, and I nearly passed out on the sidewalk with a friend and a police officer nearby. After sitting down and drinking some water, I was able to make my way over to a nearby restaurant with my friend. I was grateful that the police officer chose to walk with us.

But, they weren’t finished with us yet.

Intimidating a woman in her car…and proud of it

Attacking an old man, and abusing and terrorizing innocent people for nearly an hour was not enough for the Communists/Antifas. One them followed Jenny Hill, PEGIDA Canada’s leader and blocked her car with his bicycle while he yelled at her and made obscene gestures.

I was recovering from my exhaustion inside the restaurant when a PEGIDA Canada lady (who was pushed to the ground by the ‘peace and love’ side at the Aug 26/17 rally) ran in to tell me that Jenny was trapped in her car:

The next day, this man is so proud of himself that he reposts the picture taken by Jenny inside her car as he taunted her…and throws in some ‘racist,’ ‘pedophile’ and ‘PIG’ slurs to add insult to injury:

And just to bring this around to where we started with incitement by Anthony Verberckmoes, here is what the woman-intimidating hero above posted at 11:14am on the morning of the rally:


Unfortunately, the incitement against PEGIDA Canada continued after the violent attacks by the Communists/Antifas.

Sept 25/17 - London Councillors: The London Free Press published a post-rally article online that is entitled, London city hall: Did council attention inflame protests? a very insightful title. Interestingly, the print version of the story is entitled, ‘Stand up against hate,’ council told. It quotes Councillors Park and Squire who both give the false impression that PEGIDA Canada is the side responsible for the violence and hate, and not the victim.

Ward 13 Councillor Tanya Park is quoted as saying, “groups that are promoting hate in the community” and “it’s incumbent on leaders in the community to stand up against that hate.The last time she and her fellow councillors made statements like this at the Aug 22/17 Council meeting prior to the Aug 26/17 rally an innocent PEGIDA Canada woman was spit on, another violently pushed to the ground and bruised; a victim of an assault was falsely arrested; and I personally intervened to stop an assault on another man. Not to mention the terrible abuse and intimidation Council’s incitement helped incite against those of us who were there that day. All these incidents are cited in my Code of Conduct complaint.

Although Councillor Squire is quoted by the London Free Press article as expressing regret that Council promoted resistance to the August 26th PEGIDA Canada rally (while expressing no regret for Council’s role in inciting the abuse and violence against them with false allegations of being white supremacists), he is also quoted as saying, “The vast majority of Londoners are very tolerant of other people, regardless of race, religion, sexuality…I don’t really think we should give attention to people who want to promote negativity in that regard.” Councillor Squire, too, was one of the 13 councillors who voted for the Mayor’s motion to condemn the Aug 26th PEGIDA Canada rally as a ‘white supremacist’ event, so it appears he, like Councillor Park, is once again abusing his position to promote the lie that PEGIDA Canada is a hate group.

Sept 26/17 - AM980’s Craig Needles: Needles angrily declares without reservation that “PEGIDA is a white supremacist group.”:

Apparently, Needles ignored the two media releases I sent him related to my complaint against London’s Mayor and Council in which I laid out the evidence debunking the ‘white supremacist’ allegations against PEGIDA Canada. Here are the two releases he (and Andrew Lawton) were sent:

Media Release (Complaint): [Sept 12/17 LINK
Media Release (Councillor stmt + call to clear PEGIDA Canada)[Sept 18/17 LINK]
Complaint: [Sept 08/17 LINK]

I am aware of at least two complaints, including my own, to AM980’s Program Director. I have offered to meet with the PD with or without Jenny Hill in order to try to set the record straight.


On August 8th I filed a 45 page complaint against the Mayor and 13 Councillors (including Councillors Park and Squire) seeking various remedies, one of which was a formal public apology from the City to clear PEGIDA Canada’s name.

As of today — Thursday, Sept 28/17 — not one has responded. Not one has publicly apologized. Not one has publicly condemned the abuse and violence against the innocent PEGIDA Canada victims at the August 26th rally.

Now, even after the second round of violence, abuse and intimidation against the innocent people of PEGIDA Canada at the Sept 23rd rally, some councillors continue to incite against PEGIDA Canada with false allegations that serve to inflame the weak-minded and ideologically-driven.

The old man could have have suffered a broken hip. The punch to his head could have killed him. I could have suffered another heart attack. Jenny Hill was frightened by a thug in her car who now knows her licence number; will the Communists/Antifa thugs start terrorizing her and her family? There was a man present with whom I met after the rally at my home who has very serious health issues. He showed me his surgery scars and the special medical ‘plumbing’ by-pass from his heart that keeps his left leg from dying. Had this innocent man been seen as a ‘evil nazi’ supporting PEGIDA Canada and been been punched or knocked to the ground he could have bled out and died on the spot.

What…what exactly…has to happen for London’s Council to do the right thing: to take my complaint seriously and issue an apology to the victims of the Communist/Antifa violence that they helped to incite? To act on my suggested remedies to ensure these outrages are not repeated?

Does someone have to die on the steps of City Hall or be taken away by ambulance because our Council cowardly refuses to show leadership in clearing PEGIDA Canada’s name from their own smears, and condemning the violence and abuse directed against them and their constitutional rights? How many woman have to be assaulted and intimidated? How many times do their Constitutional rights have to be violated by thugs and liars before Council cares?

It took Council under 30 minutes to pass an emergency motion condemning an imaginary ‘white supremacist’ rally inciting imaginary hate and imaginary violence. Yet, they are incapable, it seems, to find any time at all since my Sept 8th complaint was submitted to condemn real Communists/Antifas committing real violence and inciting real hate against innocent people.

The failure of the cowardly ‘leaders’ of London’s Council are giving cover, not only to the abusive and violent Communists/Antifa thugs, but also to irresponsible media personalities like Craig Needles of AM980. He most likely would not have made his outrageous allegations if Council had done the right thing in clearing the name of PEGIDA Canada.

This is much larger than a ‘mere’ free speech issue; this is a fundamental rule of law issue. I served as a UN peacekeeper in the Middle East where the consequences of rule of law failures are obvious. I fought for years to defend the rule of law during the Caledonia crisis where native and non-native people suffered because the OPP conducted race-based policing. I never dreamt I would have to fight for it here in London, Ontario…right on the steps of City Hall because my Mayor and Council would rather condemn phantom white supremacists’than protect innocent real people and their rights from violent Communist/Antifa goons.

The rule of law is under attack in our city, and our Council is on the wrong side. It is a disgustingly shameful spectacle.

What you can do:

Please take a couple of minutes to dash off a quick email to the email addresses below and POLITELY (please!) tell London’s Council Members something like this. Feel free to copy and paste as is:


SUBJECT: A friendly nudge…

Dear Council Members:

Mark Vandermaas asked me to send this note to you.

I have read Mark’s complaint under the Code of Conduct about the August 22–26/17 attack on free speech and democracy in London by Council’s labelling of PEGIDA Canada as ‘white supremacists’ without evidence.

I have also read Mark’s report about the violence and intimidation of the Communist/Antifa thugs against innocent people on Sept 23rd and about Council’s silence in the face of it all.

I would appreciate it very much if you would implement the remedies suggested in Mark’s complaint (including the apology to ‘Jenny Hill’ and PEGIDA Canada) to make sure this never happens again.

Thank you very much for listening.


[your name]

SEND TO:;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Thank you!

Mark Vandermaas

Mark Vandermaas currently trains Zionist activists to destroy the false ‘occupation’ narrative via his Israel Truth Week project. He has been called a ‘Damn Zionist’ by his enemies and an ‘Honorary Jew’ by his allies. He has organized pro-Israel conferences, appeared on Jewish and Christian TV for Israel, and personally trained over 450 Zionists to make a moral argument against the ‘occupation’ lie. His rule-of-law activism during the Caledonia crisis was cited in two books: the bestselling Helpless, by Christie Blatchford, and in Gary McHale’s Victory In The No-Go Zone.



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