How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win
Caitlin Johnstone

I like a lot of what you write, especially the need to destroy The Liars Formerly Known As Journalists, but not to bring about the ‘progressive’ socialist paradise as you envision where the state enslaves people then doles out the ‘rights’ and benefits it thinks they should have.

No…if media is to be destroyed, it is to be destroyed to end the socialist nightmare of collectivism to restore the purpose of what the US government was always supposed to be: to protect the right of the individual to be free to pursue their own lives. Do I really have to point out all the failures of socialism in the world including the hundreds of millions of lives it has cost?

Capitalism’s benefit is not that it is the most efficient wealth producer in history; it’s greatest benefit is that it is the most moral economic system of all because it is based on respecting the rights of the smallest minority of all — the individual. Strongly recommend Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ Or, if it’s too much work to read (it IS a long read, but worth it), Google ‘Venezuela.’

The Liars must be destroyed because they have given cover to the enemies of freedom and capitalism (Ann Coulter: ‘Treason,’), not to bring to fruition the sick system of stealing from producers to give to non-producers by the barrel of a gun. There is a word for Bernie Sanders’ desire to steal nearly all one’s income and give it to others who haven’t worked for it: it’s called…slavery.

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