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Re: The Settlement Legality Debate: FAQ, by Nathaniel Berman

The author raises a number of interesting points for his views regarding the weakness of Israel’s claim to Judea and Samaria. As an advocate/trainer who teaches Zionist freedom fighters about Israel’s land title deed, the Mandate For Palestine, and how to use it to destroy the fake ‘occupation’ narrative, I am primarily concerned with his dismissal of those who use the Mandate as a foundation for defending Israel’s legal rights.

The author at a protest at Palestine House, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada whose funding was revoked by the Canadian government because of the centre’s ‘pattern of support for extremism.’ [https://www.mississauga.com/news-story/3123915-government-ends-funding-for-palestine-house/]

I have personally trained more than 450 Zionists, and I tell my students not to make a legal argument using the Mandate, but a moral one. Legal opinions are shaped by convenience, by perceived necessity, and not necessarily by morality, justice or truth.

Berman correctly observes the Balfour Declaration of 1917 as not being an instrument of international law, then acknowledges the Mandate For Palestine as such, then dismisses it…essentially because it’s ‘too old’ and because things on the ground have changed. These are the 2 most common questions I get from my students, and they are very easily answered…provided you approach the objections from the perspective of winning the propaganda or ‘memetic’ war, not a legal one with its infinite interpretations of infinite variables.

So I say…thank you, Mr. Berman! Why? Because you just proved that Jews can’t trust the promises made by a world that will forget them when it’s convenient to do so. Because you just proved that if Israel signs a NEW 2 state solution today, there is a strong likelihood that 5, 10, 20 or 100 years from now the world may demand Jews divide their land yet again. Should Jews not be able to trust the world’s promises? Indeed, why are we talking about a NEW two-state solution when the world did not honour the original found in the Mandate and Note re Trans-Jordan, a solution it now claims is too old and irrelevant?

If Jews don’t own Judea and Samaria, by what right do they own Tel Aviv or Haifa? The (modern, non-Biblical) rights to all of Israel are found in the Mandate and accompanying Note that set out the boundaries of Palestine/Israel (everything west of the Jordan River). If the Mandate rights are not valid enough to retain Judea/Samaria, then by what right do Jews own the rest? Because a fickle world decides so?

What happens when the world says Israel doesn’t have any right to Tel Aviv or even to exist at all? Must Jews swallow that, too, in order to conform with world opinion?

Israel’s land title deed: The Mandate For Palestine w/Note re Trans-Jordan…the ORIGINAL two-state solution

Mr. Berman argues that the Mandate did not intend to create a Jewish nation. Please tell me one other country created under the Mandates System that did not become a nation. Only the Jewish state’s legitimacy and borders are questioned.

And let us not forget how the Mandate became ‘irrelevant’ and so easily dismissed: because Arab terrorism made it easier for the world to conveniently dishonour its promises to the Jewish people. This is akin to a family being driven out of their home by a gang, and having the court award half the property to the criminals in order to find a ‘solution’ that might appease their violence.

Countless Jews died in gas chambers because Britain did not honour its obligations to allow Jews to reach and rebuild their ancient homeland. Was the 1922 Mandate ‘too old’ in 1930 or 1940 when Jews were desperate to escape Europe?

When…exactly when…did the world’s Mandate obligations to the Jewish people end? If age is the factor, one must ask if the U.S. Constitution is too old? Are aboriginal land treaties ‘too old’ (Canada’s Supreme Court says no)? Why is it that only the Jewish land deed is ‘too old’? Why should the momentous legal instrument from the world that benefits the Jews be simply dismissed?

Where is the Arab version of the Mandate For Palestine that lays out their rights to Judea/Samaria? Where is the legal history and documentation that supports their claim to ownership that pre-dates the Mandate? There is none. The Arabs have nothing to offer to compare to the world’s promises in the Mandate vis a vis Judea/Samaria.

Besides, the Arabs already made their claims…at the San Remo Conference which was dismissed as irrelevant by the author. Those claims were heard, which is why they have their own Mandates from the world, and why the portion of Palestine on the east side of the Jordan River that was supposed to go to the Jews was given instead to Arabs as per Article 25 of the Mandate and the Note re Trans-Jordan, the ORIGINAL two-state solution.

Is Mr. Berman arguing that Syria and Lebanon and Jordan’s borders are invalid because they, too, came from the Mandates System? What about Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Namibia, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, and Samoa? Are their borders invalid? Of course not; only the Jewish state’s borders are illegitimate? Only the Jewish people weren’t really meant to become a nation? It beggars belief.

The reality is this: the world restored the Jewish people to their homeland and now it’s trying to take it away. You can couch that injustice in slick Latin legal terms all you want, but it is immoral and dangerous, not only to the military defence of the country, but to the honour of the Jewish people.

If a NEW two state solution is arrived at before the world acknowledges that it failed to honour its 1922 Mandate For Palestine recognition of the ancient Jewish rights to Palestine/Israel it will be a terrible stain on the honour of the Jewish people because it will, in effect, be a false confession — made under terrorist duress — to being guilty of land theft and every other filthy crime of which she has been confused.

Don’t get bogged down in legal arguments that can be spun in 100 different directions. Focus on the immorality of the world not keeping it’s promises to Jewish people. Focus on the black and white truth found in the Mandate For Palestine: Jews are owners, not occupiers because they have a land title deed from the ORIGINAL two-state solution.

The one argument Mr. Berman does not use is that the Mandate never existed, that the world never incurred obligations to the Jewish people via a legal instrument of international law. People miss the astounding significance of the Mandate’s very existence all the time: lawyers can endlessly debate for another 50 years about how the Mandate came into being, and its relevance or legality in today’s world, but the irrefutable truth is…it exists!

The fact that the Allied Powers considered the competing claims at San Remo, and the League Of Nations then authorized and issued the document that is the Mandate For Palestine and the Note re Trans-Jordan setting out the borders of Palestine/Israel proves that the accusation of stolen land is an utter fabrication!

We cannot let any lawyer, or ‘consensus’ of lawyers (consensus is NOT proof) erase the immoral history of a world that killed countless Jews because it failed to keep its promises, and will likely do so again. If the Mandate For Palestine is too old and irrelevant, then so too will be a NEW two-state solution document. Again, I offer my gratitude to Mr. Berman for proving Jews can never trust the world’s promises.

So, what’s the ‘solution’? Stop talking about solutions and start talking about truth and justice for Jews. Make a moral argument. Focus on winning the memetic/propaganda war that Israel is so badly losing because she refuses to hold up her land title deed to destroy the occupation narrative.

In the meantime, declare a moratorium on all peace plans until the world acknowledges that it has failed to honour its promises to the Jews. Tell Bibi to give this speech that can change everything for Israel: Truth Before Solutions: A New Path To Peace.

(See also, my Times Of Israel article, Why Israel Is Losing The Propaganda War…And How To Win It.)


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