Will free speechers miss Berkeley’s golden opportunity?

The strategic enemy isn’t ANTIFA; it’s the Berkeley police and they need to be held accountable as part of a civil rights campaign to defend the rule of law and the rights it protects

Gavin McInnes’ article in Taki’s Magazine — Proud Boys Declare Victory in Berkeley — expresses both the frustration and delight over the latest ‘Battle of Berkeley’ where American patriots did battle in the streets with the Anti-First Ammendment (ANTIFA) domestic terror group. He sums up the victory as follows:

Alexis de Tocqueville recognized that democracy was much less efficient than aristocratic society, but when the people finally do get off their asses and fight, nothing can stop them. This is where we’re at. The momentum has finally hit its stride and nothing can stop it now.

Gavin talks about the physical victories against masked gangster snowflakes (violent snowflakes!), and he also references the moral victory that is so huge some ANTIFA members are beginning to ask, ‘Are you sure we’re the good guys?’

(Any normal person who watched the diminutive Lauren Southern cover the event wearing a helmet, goggles and gas mask while protected by the Proud Boys security detail, would have no trouble answering that question.)

This is all great news, and…

After watching hours of video coverage posted on Mike Cernovich’s Twitter feed on the day of the battle, and after reading the after-action reporting, I can’t help but wonder if the free-speechers in Berkeley are missing a golden opportunity by failing to recognize two key facts:

  1. The Berkeley police department is the strategic enemy, not ANTIFA, because they are threatening the rule of law itself, which is why…
  2. The strategy of the free speech movement should be about positioning itself as a civil rights movement — against police and government.

There will always be lawless thugs to attack us and rob us — of our possessions, of our body’s sanctity and of our rights. It is an injustice of monumental proportions when the state flat-out refuses to protect us from these thugs. That’s why we pay our taxes. That’s the social contract: we abide by the rule of law which means we don’t use violence to settle our differences. We allow police to disarm us at a potentially-dangerous protest because we trust them to protect us.

The social contract, however, most definitely does NOT include allowing the police to disarm us and then abandon us to a known domestic terror group with a history of extreme violence. That’s not the deal. It is egregiously immoral…and dangerous. When the Berkeley PD forces innocent citizens to fight for their lives and for their rights against a mob, it is breaking the covenant. It is throwing away the rule of law, something that is truly priceless. Priceless beyond all treasure. If nothing changes, history may well judge that the 2nd American civil war had its germination in the Berkeley PD abandonment of innocent citizens on April 15, 2017.

But, they were ‘just following orders’

I’ve read posts from patriots excusing police: ‘They were just following orders to stand down.’ That argument went out of fashion at the Nuremberg trials. I’m a former member of the Canadian Forces who went to jail 5 times for trying to walk down a Caledonia road with a Canadian flag. Our Ontario Provincial Police stood by and allowed violent native thugs to terrorize an entire town for years, and I gave up my career in real estate sales to become a full time ‘rule of law activist’ to stop it.

The author’s first of 5 arrests during the Caledonia (Ontario, Canada) crisis for the ‘crime’ of wanting to place a flag on a hydro pole across the street from the native-occupied Douglas Creek Estates. Dec 16/16. The police had no problem with the Mohawk Warrior crime organization’s flag on the same pole, just the Canadian flag, because it would annoy the ‘peaceful’ occupiers who might become violent towards us.

Two of us were arrested in Caledonia Dec 16/06 for the ‘crime’ of wanting to put a Canadian flag on a telephone poll across the street from the site where native goons took over an entire subdivision under construction.

Author, carrying large Canadian flag, will shortly be arrested by Ontario Provincial Police guarding the ‘sacred telephone pole’ (directly across the street from occupation site) so no one can attach a Canadian flag to it. Above can be seen the flag of the Mohawk Warriors crime organization, symbol for those who terrorized the town of Caledonia, Ontario. Dec 16/16.

The story went across Canada. We realized that no normal Canadian would accept the premise that citizens should be arrested for walking down the street with a Canadian flag, so we began a 30 month campaign to make the flag legal again in Caledonia. It took more protests, arrests and assaults, but we made it happen.

People were terrorized and beaten in their homes. Women were raped. Hydro station firebombed. Bridge burned. Rights violated. Because police and government decided appeasing violent people was better than enforcing the law.

Caledonia, 2016. Caledonia resident Pat Woolley (wearing a Tiger Cats football shirt saying ‘WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE’) confronts the Ontario Provincial Police who are enforcing two tier policing while facing innocent residents with their backs to the violent thugs who terrorized the town. This pic is included in Christie Blatchford’s bestseller, ‘Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare Of Fear And Anarchy, And How The Law Failed All Of Us.’

Eventually, two books — including a bestseller — were written about Caledonia and our struggle to use Dr. King’s methods to restore the rule of law against the worst efforts of police, government, media, native militants, ‘Palestinian’ groups, students, unionists, anarchists, communists and other assorted anti-capitalists — pretty much the same gang of subversives the free-speechers in Berkeley are up against.

Well-meaning people said the same disgusting thing to us: “They’re just following orders, Mark.” As someone trained in the military, soldiers and — I would argue — police have a duty to disobey illegal orders. Yes, even if it costs them their jobs, even if it costs them their pensions.


  1. Civil Rights Struggle: You’re in one! Recognize that we are all in a civil rights struggle to force police/government to protect us, not just from ANTIFA-like goons, but from Islamic supremacists and other criminals who employ political violence. Start thinking like civil rights leaders: Dr. King certainly confronted whites, but he never saw himself at war with them; he realized he was in a struggle to force governments to live up to their obligations to his people. No normal US citizen will accept that a police force should disarm innocent victims before abandoning them to known domestic terrorists. Use that knowledge.
  2. Stop making excuses for police and start protesting at the Berkeley PD. ‘Just following orders’ is a Nazi meme, not one for free people. I think it is reasonable to allege that every bit of violence in Berkeley can be laid at the feet of police who refused to uphold the rule of law. Go after them in the courts; the legal courts and the court of public opinion.
  3. More free speech events: One per month at least, one per weekend if possible. When we discovered it cost the Ontario Provincial Police $250,000 per rally to stop us from raising a Canadian flag in Caledonia, we put on even more events. Governments do not have unlimited funds, so it hurts when they waste it doing stupid things. More events will bring out more ANTIFA attacks to embarrass the police even more via national media attention.
  4. Federal civil rights charges: I’m not an expert in US law, but it seems to me that if the feds can lay civil rights criminal charges against the cops who beat Rodney King, why can’t they do the same to the Berkeley PD for deliberately suppressing civil rights by exposing unarmed innocents to intimidation and violence from a known domestic terror group?
  5. Lawsuits: a multi-million dollar class action against the Berkeley PD. One class for those who were hurt; another class for those whose rights were violated. Talk to a lawyer. Cernovich, perhaps?
  6. Training: Teach people the importance of remaining silent during non-violent provocations. There is great power in remaining silent when the other side screams insults at you. We once faced down 100+ occupiers in Caledonia by staying mute as we stood there with Canadian flags listening to their filthy abuse for 1/2 hour until they finally realized they could not provoke us and drifted away utterly disappointed. Remaining silent in the face of verbal abuse positions you as the victims, not the oppressors. Police one another; if you see someone swearing and screaming, tell them to stop. It is also good training, especially for leaders, to read Dr. King’s remarkable Letter From Birmingham Jail. It is a manifesto for every would-be civil rights leader. Not only does King lay out his non-violent strategy, he provides powerful responses to those who criticized him for ‘provoking violence.’ Responses that can shut silly reporters and politicians up when you quote King’s pearls of wisdom.
Collection of native thugs, unionists, Marxists, anarchists scream filthy insults at a small group of rule of law protesters, including the author, at edge of Douglas Creek Estates occupation site in Caledonia, Ontario, Canada as they stood with Canadian flags on Jan 17/07. The patriots endured the abuse silently for about 1/2 hour until the occupiers lost interest and drifted away. As author says, “I learned that day the incredible power of Dr. King’s methods.”

In a situation where police have abandoned innocents to violent goons, I can find not a lot of fault for mounting an aggressive self defence as an alternative to giving up one’s rights. I also recognize the strategic value in sending a strong message to the snowflake Marxist thugs that it’s not going to be open season on innocent people anymore.

ANTIFA thugs ‘Moldylocks’ and friend limp home after failing in their attempt to get 100 ‘Nazi scalps’ at free speech rally, April 15/17, Berkeley. Moldylocks was throwing bottles into crowd before being punched by someone who’d had enough of the ANTIFA violence against innocents who had been disarmed and abandoned by Berkeley police.

But, don’t let the most culpable of all — the police who refuse to protect you and your rights — escape justice and/or accountability. Your civil rights movement should be primarily focused on forcing the government and police to do their damn jobs.

I implore you: don’t miss the golden opportunity to defend, protect and uphold the most precious commodity of all free nations: the rule of law.

Mark Vandermaas

Mark Vandermaas is founder of the Caledonia Victims Project (www.caledoniavictimsproject.ca), editor of VoiceofCanada.ca and was co-founder of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality along with civil rights leader Gary McHale, author of Victory In The No-Go Zone: Winning The Fight Against Two-Tier Policing. Mark wrote portions of the book and performed the final, as-published, edit. One of his five arrests in Caledonia is recounted in the Canadian bestseller, Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare Of Fear And Anarchy, And How The Law Failed All Of us. Today, Mark trains Zionist activists how to take down the fake ‘occupation’ narrative via his Israel Truth Week project.

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