The Story of Wave TV


Before we start I just wanted to let you know that we are FEATURED on Product Hunt today:

What is Wave TV?

I like to say that Wave TV is “Television for the Age of the Internet”. It retrieves the internet’s best, most recent content and sorts it into channels for you to enjoy. Videos play one after another, much like traditional television.

Why did I create it?

The reason that I created Wave TV is honestly a lack of good content. Currently, on Youtube, the platform shows you what it thinks you want to watch. This is great and all, but sometimes I am just in the mood to watch comedy or technology videos. However, the only way to find these types of videos would be to visit the channels I am already familiar with.

Who am I?

My name is Mark Bruckert and I am a 16-year-old designer/developer that likes to make things. I currently am a high school student at the Crooms Academy of Information Technology.

Notice: Shipping Products while in school is difficult.

How does it work?

The tech stack for Wave TV is a little weird. The Web App is built using React. The authentication and database for the app is powered by Google’s Firebase. The part that is interesting is how the videos are collected. The videos are actually collected using Zapier. I am hosting the website using Netlify and Github.

Who I want to thank:

I would like to thank the Product Hunt Community, the Makerlog Community, and the Indie Hackers Community.

Thanks for your Time,

Mark Bruckert — Founder of Wave TV