I should be so lucky

It’s taken 17 years to be as lucky as I am.

I’m not sure if it’s just with me but I’ve only known of people placing luck on objects. For me, it’s my lucky pen, mug or boxers that I find myself bringing with me to an important meeting or killer client call. It might not make perfect sense but mentally it gives me an edge. A sense of self-support. It’s a bit like a ritual. Rather than going into an environment of pressure with nothing, I have this reinforcement.

I find myself getting into these routines. When working in the RL London office, every morning Kathleen would make a mint tea or coffee in my ‘Fuck it!’ mug. Or I use a special pen to sign important RL documents. Or when on photo shoots, I wear my vintage ACG fleece — it’s amazing how cold it gets on those early morning shoots in stadium and training facilities.

The thing is, I’m a creature of habit and it wouldn’t surprise me if others did the same. It makes me wonder what other people’s quirks might be — like if Jonathan Ive has a lucky pair of socks that he wears to every Apple keynote.

I know for some it’s nonsense, but life’s little rituals can give you a mental edge, even if I feel most of the time it’s me going mental. More often than not you’re in a tough spot as a team, but sometimes it’s just you, and those are the days to break out your lucky pen.

Some would ask, is it luck or a combination of hard work and the willingness to put yourself out there? Is it that I am lucky because I have an amazing family and career or is it because I put myself out there and took chances? I could just try once and not wear my lucky boxers to my next important meeting to resolve this.

But we both know that that won’t happen.