Amazon Is Not Happy With The FAA Regarding Its Drone Service

Amazon Vice President of global public policy has told the FAA that they lack “impetus” while making the policies for UASs

Amazon recently announced its drone delivery program of some of its products. This plan was to make the products and items delivered to customers faster. In previous week, the company announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted permission to test drone delivery service outdoors. This was a milestone for the company as it seeks to be on track with its plan to fasten product deliveries.

Despite of everything going Amazon’s (AMZN) way, the firm is clearly not satisfied with the way the FAA is working over the drone policy. To be precise, the company is not satisfied with the pace at which the FAA officials are “addressing the commercial use of drones and it let the public know in a congressional hearing on Tuesday,” reports Forbes.

The company was recently in a meeting with a few senate members of the subcommittee on Aviation, Operations, Safety and Security in Washington, D.C. In the meeting, the VP of global public policy of Amazon, Paul Misener said that he is not happy with FAA. The company has openly criticized FAA for not developing policies of its drone systems or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) terming it as the lack of “impetus”.

Paul Misener said to the senators in the meeting “Although the United States is catching up in permitting current commercial UAS testing, the United States remains behind in planning for future commercial UAS operations.”

Amazon has constantly been working and pushing to get it cleared and the FAA grants regulatory including experimental permission for the company’s drone delivery service, Amazon Prime Air. The company showed distress with the pace at which United States is promoting its UASs. Misener told that the nation is “far less progressive than other countries with its unmanned aircraft regulations that have, in part, stifled innovation.”

The vice president Paul Misener remained very polite however the message he sent to the FAA and senate member on behalf of the company was quite clear and strong. He believed that the States and its policies are not in favor for companies to use drones services. Amazon is willing to make use of air drones for the package delivery purposes, but other businesses can also use drones for the inspection of power lines.

“Nowhere outside of the United States have we been required to wait more than one or two months to begin testing,” says Paul Misener. This statement from the Vice President was supported by one of the senators, Cory Booker. He said, “This is what is hard for me to believe. The slowness at which this country is moving.”

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