Brian Besanceney From Disney Hired As Chief of Communications At Walmart

Walmart Hires Disney Brian Bessanceney as its new chief communications officer.

Walmart is making more changes to its leadership department by hiring a former Disney public affairs executive, Brian Besanceney as its new chief communications officer. The Bentonville, Arkansas grocery chain has made this addition, which will be in full effect starting on April 1.

Walmart Stores new employee, Brian will be answering to Dan Barlett, who is the executive vice president of corporate affair at the company. Brian Besanceney served five years of his professional life to Walt Disney Company as its senior vice president of public affair and international government and industry relations and many other PR related tasks were assigned to him. He worked at the US Department of State as the deputy chief of staff to the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice before he joined Disney.

Brian Besanceney has a good amount of experience in different fields and markets; he was even the assistant secretary at the US Department of Homeland Security and the deputy communications director at the White House. Now employed at Walmart Stores Inc. as the CCO, Brian will have four direct reports including the vice president of internal communications, Tracy Harlow. Mark Henneberger, the VP of events and shows, senior director of executive communications, Nathan Barr and lastly Greg Hitt who is the VP of corporate communications.

Walmart Wholesale recently made an investment of $2.7 billion to raise its employee wages with the hope of better customer experience as the employees will be happy and gives a better output, depending on this cycle the huge investment was made which is going to last two years.

It even shuts down many of its underperforming stores in different areas in order to save extra costs and expenditures, but this did not seem to be as beneficial, as the retailer had hoped. It announced that its fourth quarter profits this year are falling by 8%, which is mainly because of the operating expenditure which has grown. Brian will be reporting to Dan Barlett, who joined the retailer in May 2013 filling the position that previously belonged to Leslie Dach.

The VP of international corporate communications, Greg Hitt, joined the company last year in May, taking up the position of David Tovar, who left Walmart in 2014. Besanceney will have direct reports from Hitt and three other executive in the communications sector of the retail chain. Since Brian has enough experience in terms of communications, good things can be expected from this recent addition.

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