Cisco Puts A Stop To Hacking Operation

Cisco Systems investigated and stopped the hackers targeting nearly 90,000 users per day using the Angler exploit malware kit.

Cisco Systems is the global computer networking giant which deals in designing, manufacturing and selling network equipment to many major companies. Despite of being one of the biggest name in the networking industry, it does not favor unethical works. According to reports published in the past days, the networking giant has come forward and put a stop to $30 million a year hacking operation. It is believed that the company successfully stopped hackers that were targeting about 100,000 people in a day using the Angler exploit malware tool.

The networking company, one of the largest in the IT sector, was able to reveal all the information as it dug deeper into this matter to extract the excerpt.

It is said that Cisco collaborated with its Level 3 Threat Research Labs to look into this vulnerability and took proper action to finish it. Furthermore, it also used the capability of its latest acquisition OpenDNS. The acquisition helped the company to track down all the domains that the hackers used for malware attacks on users daily.

Once the vulnerability is tracked down and that company had all numbers of the domain that were being used, hence it started to take actions against it by blocking all of the patches and further re-routed it so that hackers are navigated around the domains they were using and not directly on it. It was a smart move as the malicious actors attacked the software vulnerabilities in browsers and its add ons including Java and Flash. These were further used to install malware on a user’s computer.
The security expert of the company, Graham Cluley, told BBC in an interview, “We shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking Cisco’s action will serve a killer blow to the Angler Exploit Kit, but it will have bloodied its nose and disrupted the criminals’ activities”.

According to the information that Cisco revealed, it is believed that the hackers were targeting at least 90,000 users per day through which they could easily make $30 million (£19.5m) from malvertising and ransom activities by demanding money. Mostly, the target of the Angler exploit malware were the users who were connected through Limestone Networks’ host provider hence it assisted Cisco to do further investigations.

Another security expert of Cisco, Ken Munro, stated that these investigations are essential to the networking industry so that the malware threat is immediately eliminated from spreading.
He continued, “By analyzing the data around Angler and finding critical compromised servers on the internet that the exploit needs to communicate with, it can be rendered powerless.”