Delta Air Lines Launched Sea Tac Flights To Compete Against Alaska Airlines

Delta new expansion plans has added 10 new destinations and a round trip service.

Delta Air Lines, Inc. is one of the major airlines of the country which have been on the top for a long time now. The airline industry of America is very much competition and it is difficult for businesses to sustain and survive. Mostly, the Americans list the airline business as one of the most hated for them due to failed technicalities.

For the new players as well as existing players it is tough to find loyal customers or consumers who would choose you over and over again. This is because many people are concerned regarding the punctuality, luggage, and other features such as comfortability etc. when they choose to fly with an airline. And Delta provides it all hassle free. This has made it the best airline of America and people do love Delta whatsoever. They have changed the environment of the airplane experience as well as the quality of food and all other stuff that the customers look out before, during, and after the flight.

According to recent news, it is believed that the company is all set to launch a round trip service to 10 different destinations. This service is any plans to initiate between November till the next May. The additional locations also include Cancun and Victoria.

This move is now helping the company to beef up its competition against the Alaska Air Group. Currently, the company is a different largest airline at Sea Tac International Airport behind Alaska. The company has also stated that it will be offering four new flights on a daily basis that will fly to John Wayne Airport in Orange County. Other new destinations at which the company will fly include Orlando, Boston, Montana, Edmonton, Alberta, Billings, and Missoula.

According to the vice president of the company, Mike Medeiros, stated “Orange County is one of the top destinations from Seattle and fills a critical component of our corporate and leisure travel demand.”

This must be good news for all the travelers as the airline is expanding and increasing new destinations. As of now, Delta Air Lines manages and schedules nearly 100 peak daily departures to 25 or more destinations. These also include outside the United States such as Europe and Asia. The company expects to manage and operate more than 140 peak daily flights to at least 44 destinations. This expansion was the three times of what the airline used to do two years ago.

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