Four-Hour Flight Of Delta Ended Up Lasting For Thirty Hours

Passenger were furious and outraged after 30-hours flight due to poor weather conditions.

Delta Airlines and its passengers faced a terrible problem when the flight from the Dominican Republic to New York took almost 30 hours to reach its final destination. The air carrier had to divert the flight more than once due to bad weather conditions, which made the journey an unpleasant one for the customers, as the flight was traditionally supposed to be of four hours.

The Air Travelling Company’s flight, 944 left Punta Cana situated in the Dominican Republic on Monday afternoon and was supposed to reach and land on John F. Kennedy International Airport after four hours, which sadly did not happen. The passengers and the flight crew were unaware of the situation when they boarded the company’s plane. Many passengers tweeted about their experiences, and some went as far as to call the experience a complete nightmare.

The weather led to Delta Airlines delaying the flight longer than anyone could have ever expected because of worse weather condition. The air sick bags were used excessively, which has never been the case or was witnessed before. The flight finally reached its destination the next day on Tuesday night.

The flight 944 had almost 159 passengers. It landed on Tuesday night, before which the pilot made an announcement during the flight that he had to circle around the airport numerous times till the traffic was completely cleared.

The pilot finally was forced to make an unusual diversion towards Boston Regional Airport, Manchester instead. However, things did not calm down after the landing in New Hampshire. The jet stayed there for a night and the passengers had to go through tremendous issues with a long wait of two hours. They had to face the customs due to the flight being international. This issue even got worse, as people were only allowed to pass 20 at a time, causing them to wait even longer.

After the plane took off for its destination once again, the weather was not supportive and the jet had to face 60MPH of winds. Many passengers were vomiting and using the plane’s oxygen masks. When the plane made the diversion to Boston, passengers were not allowed to get off. They started hitting the door of the plane, which indicated their fury.

Many passengers even managed to leave and got tickets for trains instead, while those (almost 90 people) who remained tied reached their destination on Tuesday night. The plane boarded 159 passengers out of which only a few were able to make it.

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