Indian Users Will Soon Pay Bills Through Twitter

The microblogging company might soon be allowing its users in India to pay their bill through its platform by partnering with Lookup.

Twitter might provide the options to customers of paying their bills through the social media platform by collaborating with an Indian start-up, called ‘Lookup’. All Twitter Inc.’s users have to do is send a direct message to the mobile payments firm’s account on the website, @lookuplite, and they will easily be able to achieve information regarding the services and conduct transactions.

Users can also book and make appointments by sending a direct message. The fascinating aspect about the India-based business is that customer and retailers can directly chat with one another through the direct messaging option provided by the social platform. Twitter is emphasizing on ecommerce perspective besides merely social communications platform to reap the benefits of this market.

The @social media network launched the ‘buy now’ button just this year, which enables users to purchase items they desire. As previously users only wrote about what they wanted, this option gives them the chance to purchase the item instead of blogging about it. This partnership between the two businesses will enable users to place orders and pay by simply communicating with Lookup through Twitter.

The mobile payment firm will utilize twitter API so that the users can be connected to specific merchant easily. Google Maps will be used rather than the phone numbers to locate retailers in the area where the users are located. A study showed that some illegal online pharmacies were using the social media site to promote their prescription drug abuse.

The author of the study from California-San Diego University, Timothy Mackey, said, “This study is the first to establish an empirical link between Twitter content and illicit online pharmacies which promote the illegal sale of drugs that have significant abuse potential.”

In other news regarding the micro blogging business, the Statue of Liberty and Taj Mahal gave Eiffel Tower a sweet welcome as it joined the platform this week. The first tweet by the account was in two languages, English and French, which said, “Parisian since 1889, now I am sparkling on Twitter!” The official account of the tower is by the name of ‘La Grande Dame’, by the creator of the account, Gustave Eiffel. The monument already has an account on Facebook, and joined this social media platform just this week. It has 1.7 million fans on Facebook. The statue of liberty tweeted, ‘Welcome to Twitter, my sister.’

@Twitter stock closed at $22.99 after going green by 1.41% on December 24.