JPMorgan Becomes A Victim Of Hacking

JPMorgan was victimized on Tuesday by three men who run a hacking organization that planned on attacking 12 more companies.

JPMorgan was recently faced cyber-attacks that shocked the entire market. Three men have been accused so far on Tuesday, while two of them from Israel and the other one is a U.S. citizen. The accused three men are reported to make 12 companies their victims, through hacking the database and exposing personal information of the company and its customers.

The agency involved in this fraud had high aims in the future to ruin many other companies. Federal prosecutors reported it to be a massive scaled operation, which consisted of 100 people from different countries around the world. The banking service company was victimized by this group of people whose leader was an Israeli, age 31-years, from Georgia, named Gery Shalon, who is accused of using fake passports and banking systems to make hacking the top source of his firm.

Shalon’s organization was involved in running internet casinos illegally and stock schemes, signifying his agency was on a very large scale. The organization was also involved in credit card fraud and the supplying of fake products, such as medications. This organization has been responsible for many cyber-attacks recently, but the attack on this U.S. financial institution was the largest so far. Other banking services should take a lesson from this tragedy and attain as much protection online as they can.

JPMorgan was hacked by this group, who tried to steal 83 million of customers personal information and accounts from the giant company. Many other companies have been the victim of this criminal organization, such as Dow Jones & Co., Scottrade Financial Services Inc., Fidelity Investments Ltd., and many others. The other two men involved in this crime are Joshua Samuel Aaron and Ziv Orenstein.

This group of men was aiming to attack nine financial institutions and three media companies, including the famous Wall Street Journal. This organization has been going on since 2007, which now has information of 100 million people around the world.

Preet Bharara, a U.S. attorney, commented during a conference, which was held in Manhattan, “By any measure, the data breaches at these firms were breathtaking in scope and in size and signal a brave new world of hacking for profit.” This statement tells the masses and companies to now take extra precautions when it comes to online transmission of personal and confidential information because such organizations can cause major damage.

The attorney also said that hacking is not just a small way of paying the bills but it is now turning into a business. JPMorgan is now making efforts to fight cybercrime and assured that Shalon was only able to access information, such as addresses, names, and email IDs, whereas other confidential account information remained intact.

JPMorgan stock closed at $67.69 on November 10.