Netflix Is Not In Favor Of AT&T-DirecTV Merger

Netflix says that it is not in opposition of the merger but it is not in favor of this deal as well

Netflix Inc. is the online streaming giant that focuses on sustaining its business. The company aims to be the best provider of online video content services in the world. Therefore, it keeps on expanding and providing an opportunity to its viewers to ‘cut their cords’. Ever since its inception, the online streaming giant wants to develop the culture of watching and viewing television online, hence killing off the demand for conventional TV providers in the market.

Furthermore, as the company wishes to be the ‘only’ best provider in the entertainment industry, it does not favor any open opportunities that limit the competition in the market or impose a threat to its position, according to latest Netflix news. Hence, for the same reason, the company wants the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to look into the matter of a possible merger between AT&T and DirecTV, as reported by recent Netflix news today.

The company has said that it does not oppose this merger ‘in principle’, but it has requested FCC to assess, as it sees the possibilities that the deal can limit the competition in the online video content market. Therefore, it is forcing the US FCC to decline the impending $48 billion merger deal between both parties.

The spokeswoman of Netflix, Anne Marie Squeo, stated that her company is not opposing the deal to go through but needs stability and equality in the entertainment industry. She said, “While we are participating in the government’s review, we are not opposing the merger. We’ve been highlighting concerns about AT&T’s broadband practices and the need for appropriate remedies since last September.”

Various sources stated that Netflix met with 20 or more officials of FCC in order to talk about their concerns regarding competitive limitations if the merger occurs in the coming times. The company believes that this will not only limit the competition but would provide the largest pay cable TV service provider with a massive broadband reach to expand.

Ann Marie Squeo added, “The combination of these companies would increase the incentive and ability to limit competition and innovation in the online video space.” Not only Netflix but also other media companies, which include Dish Network Corp as well as other public interest groups, are in favor that FCC rejects the pending $48 billion merger between them.

As Netflix said that it is not opposing the merger but wants the matter to be overlooked by the officials, it does not want to lose its market share because of this matter. It is the largest online movies and TV show provider in the entertainment industry and aspires to continue cutting the cords throughout the world.

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