Samsung Grants Desktop Specifications To Smartphones

Samsung is planning to start a mass production of 256GB 2.0 memory chips to provide a storage that will be similar to desktop PCs.
Samsung Electronics never stops when it comes to making smartphones for customers with the best technology and options that no other company offers. It has now announced plans to give its phones a storage that is witnessed in PCs. The South Korean tech giant has already started a mass production of 256GB memory chips for its devices.

The galaxy maker will be giving users with storage that is only seen in desktop computers yet. This huge storage might be installed in the high-end phones of the company. These 2.0 memory chips are based on Universal Flash Storage, providing speed that is double of SSDs for desktops, they will be capable of 850mbps of read speeds and write speed of 250mbps. This massive amount of bandwidth might be used for the virtual reality technology and 360 degrees video entertainment, 4k can be used conveniently with this bandwidth.

Samsung manufactures mobile phones that are used by many around the world, by the addition of another innovative tech; the company might be able to give a good fight to its Chinese competitors in the market. Users these days demand more and more storage for the heavy application and games they like to download and the videos and images they take and store, for such needs, massive amounts of storage is demanded, hence the 256GB of storage is going to be endless for customers. Customers will have more freedom to make heavy videos such as the 4K and 360 degree VR videos.

Customers will be able to multitask on their smartphones easily, make videos, and watch videos, and browse, text, each one of them conveniently. The Universal Flash Storage 2.0 tech will enable the options of transferring data from the company’s best smartphones rapidly. The electronics company claimed that the high-end devices consisting of this tech would be able to transfer 5GB files in just 12 seconds on USB 3.0. With the new tech and storage of 256 GB, an end to the traditional storage space of 16 and 8 GB might just end sooner than expected.

The South Korean organization even introduced phones with 128GB UFS memory chips for the smartphones in 2015, February. The future might just literally become minicomputers in your pockets and hands. For now, the recently launched phone, the galaxy S7 only has 32 GB of storage capacity; but an upgrade can be expected as the company has started the production of these memory chips already. The global demand for the company’s products is likely to increase in the future due to the introduction of such technology.

The massive storage provided by the company to its customers will aid office workers immensely as they will have the option of leaving their laptops easily at work. Not just for office workers but even users who enjoy taking pictures and videos can do so without worrying about how much space they are left with on their cellular.