Verizon Offering Incentives To Android Pay Customers

Verizon is offering incentives to users of Android Pay.

Verizon Wireless has come up with a new package that offers Android Pay users with 2GB of data. The data can be consumed within two billing round making the users of the wireless service eligible to get the package once they open the app of Android Pay.

Verizon Communications Inc. has plans to gift around 1GB of data to subscribers since they start a transaction via Android Pay through tapping. When a subscriber taps on the application thrice, they will be granted another GB of data. All those consumers that fulfil the criterion can even club the recent offering with present deals. Among this, one of the package rewards customers with 2 GB of shareable data once they upgrade to a XL data plan.

Consumers are being given a lot of opportunities to extract the best out of the recent deal by VZ since the Android Pay is supported at around 1.5 million places in the United States. the places that are already accepting Android Pay include Macy’s, Subway, Whole Foods, Walgreens and Trader Joe’s. The consumers need to have Android OS in the smartphones with KitKat 4.4 or higher as the potential software. The payment at this point has striking resemblance with that of Apple Pay. Users are required to unlock their smartphones and tap on the nearby Near Field Communications (NFC) terminal. The transaction will thus get completed without the need of taking out the wallet.

The incentive by Verizon is only valid till June 14, 2016. This means whatever data a subscriber is rewarded with needs to be consumed by July 13. Users have been granted three months to extract the best out of the deal. All Verizon users have been requested to use Android Pay as soon as possible.

The postpaid consumers who are making use of the Verizon Plan or the More Everything plans can take advantage of the service. This means the company has taken an easy escape from offering free 2 GB data to all consumers considering that there are many Android devices granting permission for almost half of the user base of Verizon to redeem the offer.

Ironically, the company has not come up with any such offering for Apple Pay users. The reason behind this is that the service has been in the market since a relatively long span of time. Users are likely to be accustomed to the platform already. However, Android Pay needs time and frequent usage. The concept behind this offer is to bolster Verizon’s data services, postpaid services and Google’s Android Pay.

The incentive by the wireless network carrier will turn out to be profitable in the short run. However, in the long term, this deal will be a better bargain for Google since users will get acquainted to the platform. If Google succeeds in having a loyal user base then it will become easier for them to compete with services on the likes of Apple Pay. Time will tell who benefits more out of this service; however, Google is in a better position now.