9 to 5 in the music business & the morning commute. Why I’m returning to it.

Across the internet entrepreneurs and start-up enthusiasts are extolling the virtues of their commute cutting, work your own hours lifestyle.

I can’t argue with them when they say that ‘making the break’ was the best decision they ever made because for the last 15 years I’ve been one of them. Indeed, after a number of years of fighting my way through morning traffic to get to work, and sacrificing time with family to be in my office, in 2001 I stated my own media consultancy company called Evil Genius Media.

‘Commuting’ from the bedroom to my home office has brought a smile to my face every time I’ve thought about the time, money, and aggravation saved.

The benefits of running my own little company have been many. From forcing me to skill-up in a way I never thought I was capable of (Hello Life Long Learning) to consulting with a hugely wide range of music business companies.

But now I’m choosing to leave that behind and return to working for an entertainment company as a 9 to 5, daily commute, wage earning employee.


Every few years I like to make a life-changing decision. It’s a sensational way to ensure a focus on the things that are important in your life.

The entertainment business has been what I’ve done all my working life. In many ways it’s not what I do but part of who I am. Many of those years have been spent focused on the music business and in case you’ve not heard, the music business is in a state of some flux.

Now the small scrappy start-ups that are inventing the new joined-up music business will do just fine. They’ll either find their own way, or fail with everyone taking the lessons learnt onto new start-ups.

The major labels will do just fine too as they pivot from being companies that just release music to companies that administer rights and own platforms; platforms such as Spotify and Set.fm.

But middle sized companies, now they are in an interesting space.

These companies have massive growth potential. Small enough to be nimble like the start-ups, they also have cash flow and great in house teams like the majors.

I’m excited by the idea of combining the experience I gained working for large organisations with the experience of running a small, budget conscious, move fast self-starter.

Oh….And did I mention, I’m about to move to Australia from the UK. That’s the life-changing decision.

Australia has some of the most exciting mid-sized music business companies I’ve seen in recent years. That’s a space I want to be in! That’s why I’m returning to my morning commute and (ok) it’s never really going to be 9 to 5 is it.

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