What disturbed me about the Facebook meeting.
Glenn Beck

“ I looked around the room, I heard the complaints, I listened to the perspectives, and not a single person in the room shared evidence of any wrongdoing. Maybe they had some, but it wasn’t shared. They discussed how Facebook’s organic reach and changes in algorithms has impacted their business. While at the same time admitting that Huffington Post has been struggling with the same issues. I heard people discuss community standards, pages being shut down, posts being removed — and I do believe that happens and it’s something Facebook could do better, and I hope they will — but we were not there because of that. We were there because of this ONE accusation on Trending Topics.”

So, you didn’t hear any evidence, except for the evidence you choose not to accept as evidence? Community standards like criticism of feminism being unacceptable, men’s rights pages being shut down, critical posts of [feminism, Clinton, Bernie, Immigration (particularly regarding Germany), etc] disappearing… this isn’t evidence? What is it you expect to see? A confession? Nope… Zuckerberg has already openly stated he censors immigration posts regarding Germany/Merkel…and you still feel their isn’t evidence (you even insist there is only ONE story, ONE accuser… and Zuck’s interactions with Merkel isn't that one, so you’re not even acknowledging the accusations)…

This article looks more like propaganda than anything else. Your insistence there is only one accusation, one story, suggests as much. it underplays the very real concerns that have been around for years.

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