So you won, good job. You came out in droves and voted for someone who is unequivocally unqualified to lead the free world. And I get why. You’re pissed off. You feel marginalized and neglected. The rest of the world, particularly Blue states, are progressing while you, the “real America” has been overlooked for the past two decades.

And you’re right. You have been overlooked.

But what I don’t understand is, why the fuck did you vote for the one person, and the one party, that is going to do absolutely nothing to help you out?

Trump has an extended, undeniable history of screwing over people like you. For thirty years he has proudly fucked over people like you repeatedly. Why the fuck do you think he will change his ways now?

Trump made a promise to you to “Drain the Swamp” of revolving door Washington/Wall Street influence. Yet his entire upbringing and background is based on this revolving door. Why the fuck do you think he will change now? In fact, just two days after the election he filled his staff with the exact type of people you supposedly hate. The type of people he promised you would not be part of his administration.

But I get it, you want your job security. You want to know that you will have a better future day-to-day. So how the fuck are you so blind to the reality of his policies? If Trump is able to pass any of his proposed policies, your day to day existence in four years will be far worse. Your taxes will go up. The prices of all the crap you buy from abroad will go up. And all the government subsidies and state transfer taxes that keep you afloat will disappear. The paltry federal grants that go to educating your fat children will decrease. Your actual existence will be worse than it is now.

And guess who are the people who really do support you and want to help you out of your rut: Democrats. People like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and yes, Hillary Clinton, who have a longstanding history of trying to push through policies to protect you and help you out of your sorry state of existence.

But still, instead of thinking about this, you went with your gut and your “morals”. What exactly is “Christian” about Trump’s blatant misogyny, racism, and general xenophobia?

And then, on top of all this, we are supposed to try to “understand you”, and see the “real America”.

I’m over it. You are not the real America. Real America is filled with gays, lesbians, Jews, Muslims, Black, Brown, Yellow, whatever. Get used to it. Get on board. Try for a second to understand the other side of America. It may help you get yourself out of your crappy rut, because Trump certainly isn’t going to help you out.

So you have no more of my sympathy. You can rot in your misery. You dug your grave and now go lie in it for the next four years while Trump and his backward-thinking crony-capitalist pals pour dirt on your miserable souls. I hope one of your kids comes out of the closet. I hope your son/daughter falls in love with someone of a different race. I hope your wives/daughters wake up and realize that grabbing someone by the pussy is actually reprehensible behavior. I hope climate change causes the water to rise all along the Redneck Riviera of the Emerald Coast and washes you out to sea.

You fucking deserve it.

“But I’m not a racist, I have plenty of back friends”, you say.

“But I’m not an anti-Semite, my accountant is Jewish”, you say.

“But I’m not anti-Muslim, I saw one on TV”, you say.

“But I’m not a misogynist, I’ve never raped someone”, you say.

You know what, maybe you aren’t all like Trump. Maybe some of you are normal good people. I’m sure not all of you are racists, or bigots, or misogynists, or anti-Semites. But you all are definitely gullible fucking morons.

Troll me all you want, bitches.