10 Things To Remember About Leadership

  1. The responsibility of good leadership always outweighs the accolades.
  2. Those you lead think of themselves less as followers and more as team players or contributors.
  3. Leaders don’t confuse “simple” with “easy.” Something simple to understand can be difficult to do.
  4. If you are sincere, you can’t over-appreciate those you lead.
  5. Team members want the opportunity to grow themselves while they produce results.
  6. Great leaders create a culture where people make money and meaning from their work.
  7. Leaders tell the truth because of the love and respect they have for those they lead.
  8. Leadership produces results through others.
  9. Never confuse leadership and ambition. Leadership always benefits more than just the leader.
  10. Leaders don’t get better accidentally. They have an intentional program of growth and development.
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