What Is Missing When You Think The Glass Is Half Full

An optimist believes the glass is half full. The pessimist believes the glass is half empty. But there is a different, and better, way to think about the glass.

The half-full or hall-empty assessment misses an important nuance:

There is still room for more.

Many settle for half empty or half full situations in life. How you frame the assessment is considered either a positive or negative view. That misses the bigger point.

They key is to realize that even half full situations have the potential for more. And the half empty isn’t an indictment: it is the recognition of the opportunity to increase.

Leaders look for the space for more in situations. They assume the situation neither empty or full. They focus on increasing, and acknowledge that there is still plenty of room for more enrichment, enjoyment, and success.

Considering this, what can you do to start looking at the glass differently?