Online Shooting Games: A Friend Or A Foe

Shooting games — free-wheeling way to nowhere With great power comes great responsibility — this statement is very useful in order to remember not to underestimate power of the Internet which will readily provide you with first-class content, from free online shooting games to tons of different other useless stuff.

The development of the game industry allegedly began from Wolfenstein — a 3D game released in 1992. For that time being the game, which was an epic First Person Shooter with threadbare plot and pixelated graphics blew the minds of millions of unsophisticated players worldwide. But it comes nowhere near modern times of free shooting games online. The next stake was Doom, released in 1993 by the same company. By comparison, it was more elaborated and much more advanced, with a much larger variety of weapons. After such a beginning, other games rained down as if out of the horn of plenty: Daggerfall, Quake, Duke Nukem, Unreal, Half-Life and hundreds of others.

As reported in an essay by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the popularity of such games is explained by so-called “flow” feeling which occurs when the player is fully immersed into the game and when the personal identity becomes subsumed in the game. The first appearance of online shooting games available to play for free was in 2001, when Halo hit the market. It allowed players experience few ever seen benefits of vigorous killing of other players’ characters. This commemorated the new epoch of games with maximum absorption into this violent medium.

Influence of free online games on mass shootings Eight out of ten experts agree that media (including playing shooting games online free) is a recipe for increase of aggression level. So do the parents, media researchers and pediatricians. What causes this is the inessential deviation from regular life, immersion into unrealistic situation where everything is possible and resurrection at the safe point is default. Although more than two-thirds of children between 12 to 17 years old play violent shooting games which are available free online, movies, TV programs, Internet sites and comics play huge role in violence nurturing too. Due to young and impressionable imagination of children it is believed that the constant exposure to brutality, especially in FPS games is likely to influence criminal activity. Despite the fact that no single risk factor consistently leads a person to act aggressively or violently, the accumulation of risk factors (one of which is frequent video game use) might very well lead to aggressive or violent behavior. As disclosed by Dr. Vic Strasburg, professor of pediatrics: “I’ve treated several school shooters and my best guess is that these kids have four factors that apply. One: They’ve been abused or bullied. Two: They have mental illness. Three: They are socially isolated. And four: They play violent video games.” Although it is a chicken-and-egg question, it has been reported that on short-term perspective, aggression triggered by violent video games did erupt in life. The study by American Psychological Association revealed that 3,000 kids who have been tracked for three years demonstrated higher level of impulsiveness and aggression and it was directly connected to video games. Another study uncovered that video games predicted later risky behaviors in long term perspective

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