Balancing Life and Work

A lot is written about making a healthy work and life balance. Thus, it is considered as a big problem that continually eludes, most specifically those who are driven to achieve something. At work, sometimes, we have hectic schedules which include meetings, travel, making proposals and the likes. These concerns are always on hand, no one is excepted when you’re working.

Bottom-line, we no longer have healthy work and life balance. Your date with your wife, or bonding with your loved ones will be compromise, just because of these. Worst, waking up in the morning is a daily struggle because you allotted much time at work than having a good night rest.

In my own case, I balance my life and work in a very simplest form- hope this can also inspire others to equate their work with their lives.

For me, discipline is a must. We need to be disciplined in order for us to have proper time management and finish our work on time. When we do proper time management, it enables us not be distracted while working. Also, we can list down the tasks for that certain day so that we will always be reminded on what to accomplish on that day. More so, list it down according to its level of urgency and priority. Well, you can also customize your list by putting specific time frame on each task so that time will be used properly. Addition to that, one must avoid doing many things all together, or the so called “multi-tasking”. That is to avoid any repetition of one’s job.

“Time is Gold.” Sounds cliché but that’s what it is.