Mark Buchanan

Physicist and author, former editor with Nature and New Scientist. Columnist for Bloomberg Views and Nature Physics. New book is Forecast (Bloomsbury Press)

Our economies are messed up. And the cause is the Internet.

Imagine that someone told you that three of the biggest stories of the past few years — the financial crisis, exploding…

Recessions sometimes cause themselves

Economists generally put economic trouble down to unfortunate shocks, which can knock an economy temporarily out of equilibrium. A more plausible view…

How to predict economic growth

Forget fancy regressions on past growth numbers. They don’t work. You need to look at the real factors that let countries create new wealth

A transactions tax to reign in HFT— good idea or bad?

Truth is, existing research offers a mixed bag of results

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A physicist’s view of finance and economics About:

Why we need a speed limit for financial markets

New research suggests that electronic markets are already running far too fast for their own good

Economic hot air

The unfortunate distractions of left versus right economics

A few weeks ago, Noah Smith expressed worry (maybe not too seriously) over the increasingly…

Archeology of the future

Thinking about thinking, and cutting the knot of our troubles…

Archeology of innovation

Has big business captured the economists?

We worry about regulatory capture, and rightly so. But what if big business has also managed to bend the supposedly unbiased thinking of…

No Early Warnings from Credit Default Swaps

Study shows derivative prices don’t reflect risks the way you hope they might

Steaming slowly toward the limits of growth

A rebuttal of the “acerbic rebuttal” of Paul Krugman

A few days ago I wrote a column in Bloomberg exploring some…

Economic numerology

In fixing economics, a more honest use of numbers would be a start

A few days ago, Paul Krugman made reference in one of his columns to some data