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A global study conducted by Microsoft’s Work Trend Index found that 41% of respondents were considering leaving their jobs

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Forget ‘Titanic’. ‘Ever Given’ is the maritime blockbuster we need

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The wait-list for the Ivy Leagues just got a little longer

Illustration: Save As/Medium

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The gig companies don’t pay into unemployment insurance for their drivers, who have depended on a federal small business loan program to get through the pandemic

The Number Crunch logo next to the text “$80 million: the amount of federal government assistance that has gone to tens of thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers during the pandemic Source: Washington Post.” Below the text are flat pink renderings of 2 cars.

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The cost of not giving black films and filmmakers the funding, support, or distribution they deserve

Number Crunch logo in the top right corner, above the text “$10 billion: How much revenue Hollywood loses out on every year by undervaluing Black films and filmmakers Source: McKinsey & Co.” Behind the text is a film slate illustration.

Comment of the Week

Readers weigh in on the great WFH experiment, a year into the pandemic

Illustration: By lijing/Getty Images

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