How to take part in MarketC Pre-ICO

We will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum to purchase CMK Coins. You will need a CMK wallet to receive your CMK Coins.

For those who are familiar with the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency between addresses, please go to our Token Sale Guide and How to Use Launch Pad below.

For those who are new to cryptocurrency and are not sure how to take part in a crowdsale, please follow the guide below step by step.

Intro guide to buy cryptocurrency MarketC (CMK)

1. First you need some cryptocurrencies. We will be collecting funds in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) only.
2. You can buy these cryptocurrencies from a variety of sources: these include Coinbase, Kraken,bittrex, Bitstamp and binance … but of course there are numerous exchanges so you might find platforms easier to register within your region.
3. Make sure you are familiar with how to send either Bitcoin or Ether from one place to another. What you will need is the receiving wallet address. Always copy and paste this into the site which you intend to send cryptocurrency from.
4. Later in this guide we will show you how to get the address of the wallet to which you will send BTC or ETH to.
NOTE: Please don’t send Bitcoin to an Ethereum address or vice versa. You may lose your cryptocurrency and there is nothing we can do to help!
5 . Please only send the amount you intend to contribute.


The CMK packages and incentives respectively of each package when you participate in Pre-Sale
For example:
When investors invest in Package 3: 10.000 CMK — the investor will immediately receive 1.500 CMK bonus corresponding to 15% of the package.
• Investors will also receive 30 CMK per day until 15 July when the internal exchange is officially opened.
• In addition, with each friend you introduce to CMK, you will also receive 5–10% of the value of the package they participate.

1. Go to the website: and click on the “Sign up” for new member

Sing up account

2. Please Sign up your information

Enter your email address and other infomation here. Confirm the terms and conditions of the main sale.

You must create and remember your own password — we cannot help you if you lose it.

Please follow the steps below to purchase your MarketC Pre-ICO tokens. 
Still have questions ? Visit our information page. Please register your E-Mail and confirm the token sale terms.

3. Check your email for the confirmation — please click on “confirm” to progress

You received two e-mails.

3.1 Register in

E-mail 1: confirmer votre adresse e-mail

To continue, please confirm your email address by clicking the button “(”.

3.2 Now you will receive a confirmation — please click on “confirm email address” in the email to progress.

Your Wallet ID: 1527756654-uyky-fyal-t7s (you need to save your wallet address)
Use your unique Wallet ID to log into your Market coin wallet.
To continue, please confirm your email address by clicking the button bellow. “CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS

3.3 You are redirected to the

Please click on sing in
Your initial status at the marketc wallet

Steps to initialize and verify your account are complete. Now how to back to our initial goal- participate in Pre-Sale?

4. You return to the website “

Here you log-in by name and password as created

After log-in the account you will progress to the following steps

4.1 Step 1 Choose Your Package

For example Choose option 5

4.2 Step 2 Add your Wallet address

Your wallet address toget your reward!.

On the next page, please specify a refund address, where you would like your cryptocurrency to be returned, should we need to make a refund for the reasons given. Select either Bitcoin/Ethereum address, depending on which cryptocurrency you choose to take part in the Pre-sale with.

Please don’t use an exchange wallet for your refund address as you may lose your funds. Complete the captcha and move to the next page.

4.3 Step 3 Add your infomation

Add your infomation full

4.4 Step 4 Deposit

Deposit BTC or ETH
Note: Right now you do not reload this pager !

Now is the time to send your deposit. Choose your selected payment option. Navigate back to your own wallet where you have your deposit. Copy and paste the address from our Launch Pad to your wallet and send the deposit

5. When all rounds of crowds are complete, you will receive the CMK equivalent of what you have purchased.

CMK Coins at account
CMK Coins at account

At this time, your CMK purchased through the Pre-sale program will be frozen until the Pre-ICO event completed.

6. Referral bonus

Referral bonus

In this page, you also can choose whether you want to receive additional bonus referrals.

Just send the link to register to open Pre-Sale account.
 The benefit of this is that you can get immediately discount on your account, which can be completely withdrawn or transferred because they are not limited to freezing.

This provides all the important information on the various stages of the Pre-sale, various discounts and optional vesting periods available. Please read carefully!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our Telegram group where one of the core team will be delighted to assist here:

Thank you for the supporting of decentralized Cryptocurrency revolution!