A Look at The Most Popular Careers in Singapore

Singapore has a thriving job market, with career options in almost every field from health to technology. Here is a quick look at some of the best paying and most popular career options in Singapore.

Entry Level Jobs for Recent Graduates

Recent graduates have a lot of job options in Singapore. A graduate who has a high quality degree can expect to earn as much as $2,300 per month, with scientists and doctors earning closer to $3,00 a month. The best paid job roles are doctors and biotechnology experts. Other popular jobs among recent graduates include corporate finance, environmental engineering, journalism and software development.

Jobs for Junior Executives

People who have more experience can expect to see their salaries increase significantly. At this level of experience, Doctors are still the most highly paid, but the gap starts to close, with actuarial science and software development being the next most well-paid positions. Jobs in legal services, auditing and industrial engineering are also popular, and database administrators and corporate finance workers are also highly in demand.

Jobs for Senior Executives

The financial services sector is booming in Singapore, and this is reflected in the pay levels for senior executives. While doctors dominated the pay charts for less experienced workers, they are not in the top ten best paid positions for people with five or more years of experience. Financial sales services workers are the best paid, taking home in excess of $4,718 a month, with actuarial science and banking sector employees rounding out the top three. Software developers, laboratory scientists, chemical engineers and biotechnology workers are still very much in demand, but the finance sector dominates the pay charts.

Management Level Jobs

Experienced managers in the field of science are in high demand, as are engineers, but corporate finance managers are also well-paid too. As you go even further up the experience ladder, senior managers who work in the legal service field top the pay charts. However, doctors finally make a renewed appearance in the top earners, with senior managers at a doctor’s office taking home $10,000.

These pay figures were taken from a 2013 pay survey, and it is important to remember that they will change over time. However, they are interesting trends to pay attention to. All of the jobs that make it into the top 10 at each level are highly skilled trades or professions, and while the job that is the number one earner today may differ to the top earner next year, it is unlikely that we are going to see a massive shift in earnings.

Of course, there are some fields that do go in and out of fashion. Software development was a popular job during the dotcom boom, for example, and then when the dotcom bubble burst it was noticed that there was a skills shortage in manual trades. This led to craftsmen and tradesmen being able to command high prices for a short term.

If you live or work in Singapore and are considering a career change, think carefully before you spend a lot of money on training. It can take a long time to skill up to work in some of the more specialist fields, and you should only do this if you are confident that you will complete the qualification and actually enjoy the work.

Outside of the top ten highest paying jobs there are some other great jobs that are worth considering, such as lecturing at a university, working in marketing, or even working in quality assurance or working as a secretary. Interestingly enough, customer facing positions do not figure in the top-paid jobs in Singapore. If you enjoy dealing with people, market research, secretarial and audit positions appear to be the best options for jobs with relatively short entry routes but good pay. Doctors, of course, are in demand and enjoy challenging work that involves both science skills and soft skills, but it can take many years to qualify as a doctor and not everyone who applies to become a doctor is even granted entry onto the training course, let successfully completes it. The field of medicine is an incredibly competitive one.

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