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The team welcomes you!

Now the project is at the PRE-SEED stage and we are attracting investments for preparation of documents, MVP creation and ICO release.

At this stage, we suggest you to buy 3% of RGBMarket tokens at a price of $ 0.002 / token. At ICO, investors will be offered 10% of RGBMarket tokens, and 80% will be spent on project development by selling to active users at the StartUp stage.

7% of RGBMarket tokens are shipped at the disposal of the team for internal motivation and marketing (bounty and other).

The total investment in the PRE-SEED stage is $ 600,000.

3% — 300 000 000 tokens.

The price of one token is 0.002 $.

But first let me tell you more about

On the goals and objectives of the project

The team sees the huge potential of the crypto currency and considers it a key tool for the future liberalization of the economy. A surge of interest in the technology of blockchain and crypto currency in recent years has confirmed our guesses that the world market was on the threshold of colossal changes. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations and resistance on the part of the governments of the national states, so far no crypto currency has been able to win universal recognition. Thus, the future offensive was postponed indefinitely.

The main goal of the project was the creation of a balanced ecosystem of digital commerce, which in the future will become a full-fledged market for goods and services with a multi-billion dollar turnover.

The platform will combine elements of classical and e-commerce, which will allow participants to freely convert their assets anywhere in the world. Internal Stablcoin will be provided by the US Dollar, which will eliminate problems with volatility and confidence.

The founders of the project Serhii Khololeienko and Nikolay Tovkach share the views and ideals of other participants in the crypto community and use the accumulated experience in the field of e-commerce, trading and logistics to create a comfortable crypto-economic environment.

General description of the platform

The authors of the project say:

“Imagine an international platform that incorporates such opportunities as retail and fullfilment, but with an integrated ecosystem with free circulation of internal blockchain unit (Stablcoin) and simple conversion anywhere in the world.

The internal payment unit is fully secured in the equivalent of the world currency — the US dollar, is not a derivative and is not subject to volatility.”

The Stablcoin will help us to realize such an ambitious task as free convertation to both the currency and the solutions based on the blockchain. Development of the ecosystem will also benefit from low transfer fees and lightning transactions.

At the moment, our team already has a well-developed model of the future platform and key solutions for achieving the objectives. The following features will be implemented in the ecosystem:

· A trading platform for placing, purchasing and selling goods and services for both fiat currency and Stablcoin;

· A new fast-growing market;

· Receiving profit from turnover by holders of RGBMarket tokens;

· Trade settlements for goods and services in the currency of the seller and the buyer;

· Simple and free conversion;

· Optimization of taxation;

· Franchising system.

Stable, unified payment unit (Stablcoin) platform has the following features:

· A coin, associated with the US dollar exchange rate;

· A coin, fully provided with fiat money (USD);

· A coin, the security of which can be checked online;

· A coin, that can be freely launched and withdrawn from the system by means of payment cards;

· A coin, whose purchasing power is higher than the dollar due to the introduction of a number of non-standard and innovative solutions of the project;

· A coin, that allows you to make legal remittances between counterparties of different countries without restrictions;

· A coin, that allows you to save your money due to inflation in your country;

· A coin, calculations in which give you the opportunity to become a co-owner of a large business project;

· A coin with offshore functionality.

As for profit from the project, our business model provides the following sources of income:






How do we solve the key problem of crypto-currency ecosystems?

Periodically on the crypto currencies market appears information about launching of a new ecosystem, but so far no project has ever managed to build a truly sustainable system and realize the dreams of crypto-enthusiasts about the digital economy. We analyzed the experience of competitors and came to the conclusion that the main reason for the failures of previous platforms was the uneven distribution of financial assets among depositors. After launching advertising and receiving positive feedback from experts, the project went to the stage of ICO, where it sold a significant part of its tokens in order to attract the right amount of investment.

The main problem was that most buyers bought coins for the purpose of subsequent resale. Tokens settled in their purses and, turning into passive assets, did not actually participate in the functioning of the ecosystem. The number of transactions fell, and over time the platform simply ceased to fulfill its main purpose. Investors, losing faith in the success of the project, sold their assets. Then everything happened according to the standard scheme: the altcoin rate fell almost to zero, and the project was closed.

The problem of most crypto currency is to ensure their livelihoods — insufficient volume of transactions, and as a consequence — lack of popularity. A balanced system of asset allocation between investors will make it possible to realize the dream of a crypto community about a stable and reliable asset. The main purpose of the RGBMarket token in the ecosystem is to confirm the participation of its owner in the project with subsequent benefits, and the role of Stablcoin is to be a mean of payment, a liquid equivalent of the cost of goods and services. A stable number of transactions and high activity within the platform will provide a serious basis for the further development of To solve this problem, we have developed a set of solutions that will take effect even before the launch of the platform.

At the PRE-SEED and ICO stages, only 13% of all tokens will be sold. The main part of coins (80%) will be offered to real users after the start. Thus, RGBMarket tokens will fall into the wallets of active users who are interested in the development of the project and the growth of the value of the asset.

What for investment will be spent?

At this stage of project development, we need resources for the following tools:

· Preparation of design and technical documentation;

· Preparation of legal support for the project;

· Study of regional legislation in order to optimize costs for legal support of the project;

· Selection of jurisdiction and registration of a legal entity;

· Compilation of the White Paper and investment memorandum;

· Creation of an internal payment unit;

· Software development: processing and conversion;

· Selection of the bank, negotiations and implementation of the mechanisms of work;

· Development and testing of the Internet site;

· Creating a personal user cabinet;

· Testing of interaction mechanisms and preparation of an offer with users;

· Conducting a marketing campaign for the ICO;

· Interaction with the financial regulator;

· Creation of a gateway between the block system and the banking system, VISA or MasterCard;

· Construction and optimization of the logistics system;

· Selection and training of personnel (narrow-profile specialists).

Our team will create an MVP (a minimally viable product), implement a detailed analytical package and a full package of documentation to start the project at the legislative level of the main jurisdictions, and launch the ICO campaign. Based on the calculations, a detailed roadmap and project estimates will be compiled, forming the price of the RGBMarket token for the ICO.

Additional information:

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How to get tokens?

The RGB.Market tokens are sold on the Waves DEX exchange in tandem with the Ethereum crypto currency.

Waves platform:

Create a Wallet purse:

Waves instructions: HERE

We update the price of our token on the exchange 3 times a day, so that the rate of the RGBMarket tokens remains at the level of $ 0.002 / Token.

Buy Tokens RGBmarket on Waves DEX for Ethereum:

Token ID: HtN8uB4MhKihFd2TmZ2NNDbqmP5KdUhV8y5Vgwhp9cK

Instruction for purchasing RGBMarket tokens for ETH crypto currency

Unfortunately, at the moment, you cannot buy RGBMarket tokens for USD on Waves DEX for USD, since the minimum price of a token on Waves cannot go below $ 0.01.

To purchase RGBMmarket Tokens for USD at a price of $ 0.002 / Token, contact our manager:

Everything is extremely simple and understandable: YOU PAY FROM YOUR WALLET for WAVES the amount in USD, and WE LIST on your PURSE the number of coins paid.

We are grateful to you for the trust in the form of investments.