29-year-old Trader is Debt Free Thanks to Predictive Trading Software

While most 29-year-olds are starting to climb the corporate ladder with dreams of being their own boss, Matt is living that dream as a full-time trader living debt free. Instead of 40-hour work weeks taking up the bulk of his time, Matt has taken back his life and leisure time while continuing to turn a profit.

Matt uses VantagePoint Trading Software and it’s predictive indicators to increase his trading profits. He knows having a technology supporting him is important in protecting his capital and is confident he’ll be using VantagePoint for the next 30 years of his trading career.

His first priority was to pay off his student loans and new car. Matt now lives debt free thanks to the ability to cut his losing stocks and let his winners run for larger gains. Having a tool that gives him the advanced knowledge of potential trends allows Matt to plan his strategy days in advance.

The biggest advantage VantagePoint provides to Matt is a more efficient interaction with the markets. He spends less time on his computer without sacrificing his potential profits. This allows more time to grow his accounts and more personal time away from trading.