Part-Time Trader Triples Account in 6 Months with Advanced Trading Software

Sam is like many traders. He trades as a way to put some extra money aside for retirement in hopes of easing out of his career over time. For Sam, that transition is happening much quicker as he’s tripled his account in just 6 months with VantagePoint.

The registered pharmacist trades part-time with his wife in hopes of trading in pharmacies for luxury yachts. He came across VantagePoint but was cautious after a previous software did not perform as advertised.

The couple tested the predictive indicators, and other patented features of VantagePoint, for a few weeks to ensure any early success wasn’t going to be a fluke. After seeing the success was real, the couple decided if they didn’t invest, they wouldn’t make any money.

Sam has since seen tremendous success and still only trades part-time. In the 6 months since starting with VantagePoint, Sam has more than tripled his account and even found a way to make money while on vacation.

He says, “If the tools are there, anyone can make money. With VantagePoint, it is easy to see that there’s money to make whether the market goes up or down.”