Wall Street to Main Street — AI is Everywhere

It’s not easy being the son of a genius. Much less one of the early visionaries and innovators of Artificial Intelligence.

In fact, my father was developing Artificial Intelligence long before it was called Artificial Intelligence.

I’ve grown up hearing people question my father’s brilliance, scoff at his belief that Artificial Intelligence would one day become an everyday reality and make the impossible — possible.

My father’s focus in developing Artificial Intelligence wasn’t altruistic. His life story is literally a rag to riches story…

My grandfather was a high school dropout and my father grew up dirt poor. However, my grandfather did absolutely everything he could to encourage and see to it that my father got the best education possible.

After graduating from high school in 1965, my father attended the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University where he received a B.S. degree in Administration and Management Science. Dad then earned an M.S.W. degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1973 and an M.B.A. degree with Honors from Boston University four years later.

From the time my father began his graduate school studies, he fell in love with both computer technology and the financial markets, and traded equities and stock options.

My father analyzed the markets with hand drawn charts and computed technical indicators like moving averages by hand and later with a hand-held calculator.

In 1977, Dad had an epiphany. He was tinkering with one of the first personal computers and realized that the technical analysis and trading he was then performing with charts and a calculator could be revolutionized by trading software emerging as a result of the personal computer revolution.

My father realized that stock and futures traders literally around the world like him would make more profitable trading decisions using custom computer software that would analyze and interpret technical indicators thousands of times faster than any human being. Literally hundreds of hours of research in a matter of minutes or even seconds that would make trading decisions incredibly easier.

Dad immediately began applying the power of personal computers to technical analysis and switched to trading commodities which afforded him greater leverage and higher profit potential.

My father’s vision of Artificial Intelligence and his path towards creating it, literally went into full swing all the way back in 1979.

By 1986, Dad believed the technology existed that he could create a neural network, what we know today as computer-powered Artificial Intelligence that could predict the movements of U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, indexes, and commodities — three days in advance with incredible predictive accuracy.

When Dad started making his U.S. and foreign stocks, indexes, and commodities predictions using the neural network he developed (Artificial Intelligence) the skeptics outnumbered the believers by at least 10,000 to 1.

Many of those skeptics were down-right insulting, dismissing my father’s brilliance without taking the time to investigate.

My father had brilliantly developed and proved his Artificial Intelligence could predict the movements of U.S. and foreign stocks, indexes, even commodities — three days in advance; and the skeptics raged with their ignorance.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve told someone my father invented an Artificial Intelligence that works like a crystal ball only to watch them roll their eyes with disbelief.

Yet, over the last 32 years, the small number of traders who understood the power of accelerating technologies taking place surrounding both computers and computer programming who examined my father’s amazing predictive programs powered by Artificial Intelligence were rewarded with piles of profits — for keeping an open mind.

This group of investors were able to harness my father’s predictive software and gain a huge advantage trading U.S. stocks foreign stocks, indexes, and commodities with a three-day peek ahead in the market.

This incredibly successful group of investors and traders who had invested the time to understand and spend the $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 even $25,000 to purchase my father’s Artificial Intelligence software — have mad and are making literally a fortune with the 3-day advantage.

Think for a moment if you could predict the S&P three days in advance with up to 86% accuracy.* How much money could you make?

Hey, think of it this way; if you could find a thinking, predictive computer program that gave you a three-day peek at the financial markets, would $2,500 even $25,000 be a significant sum for that kind of trading edge?

While you’ve been struggling to get ahead on your investments, literally thousands of people have been killing it trading the world’s financial markets because they have an astounding Artificial Intelligence edge.

My name is Lane Mendelsohn, and I’ve dedicated my life to getting the word out to investors and traders with an open mind about my father’s genius…

Louis Mendelsohn, has developed software that is literally the first working Artificial Intelligence predictive investing/trading program — that really works.

Thankfully, I have a great deal of help getting the word out.

Dad has legions of thrilled investors and traders — nearly 25,000, many who have quit their jobs because of the predictive 3 day edge my dad’s
Artificial Intelligent computer programs have delivered them. Many of these people are so grateful for the piles of money they’ve racked in that they’re sending rave reviews, endorsements — many on video.

These investors and traders are happy to speak out! They realize that the financial markets covered by my father’s predictive Artificial Intelligent programs are trillion dollar daily markets and they don’t have to worry about letting other investors and traders in on the secret.

The fact is, given the HUGE number of financial markets my father’s Artificial Intelligent programs cover, his firm could sell another 50,000 copies of our software and our clients would still pile on the profits at will.

These loyal followers of my father’s computer programming genius will still have a three-day advantage on a few hundred million investors and traders worldwide. So, they have nothing to lose letting you on the best-kept secret…

An incredibly powerful predictive group of Artificially Intelligent programs exist that forecast the movements of U.S. and foreign stocks, indexes, even commodities — three days in advance.

Those without the edge of Artificial Intelligence are the ones who lose their money to the people who have it!

Making it even easier to get the word out are the amazing reviews, awards, and accolades my dad’s programs have received from top tier trading oriented financial journalists and technical analysis publications including… TraderPlanet, Traders Magazine, The Traders Journal, Forex Magazine, Technical Analysis of Stock and Commodities, The Technical Analyst, CSI Technical Journal, Investors Week, Traders World — just to name a few.

Meanwhile, the main stream press treats my dad as if he doesn’t exist. They’re too afraid if the word got out to investors and traders about my father’s Artificial Intelligence, they’d lose half or more of their Mutual Fund, Investment Newsletter, ETF, Financial Planners and Guru Advertiser revenues in a few short months.

This is your invitation to experience your own life changing MONEY MAKING epiphany…

I’m inviting you to hear from some of the nearly 25,000 clients who have discovered there is incredibly powerful Artificial Intelligence predictive computer software that predicts the movements of scores of U.S. and foreign stocks, indexes, even commodities — three days in advance.

By clicking here, I will take you to a landing page where you can hear from several of the investors and traders among our nearly 25,000 customers who had an open mind and found out for themselves that the impossible has been made possible by the genius of my amazing father, Louis Mendelsohn.

After you have had a chance to see and hear from people like yourself who have piled on profits using my father’s trading software programs, you will have a chance to register for a personal 30-minute one-on-one demonstration of the powerful Artificial Intelligence powered trading software that will LITERALLY change your life by giving you the ability of seeing how U.S. and foreign stocks, indexes, even commodities will move — three days in advance with 86% accuracy!

These appointments are extremely limited.

We do no more than 25 demonstrations a week. We don’t have an impersonal video we refer you to.

All demonstrations have one purpose: to show you how my father’s powerful Artificial Intelligence powered trading software predicts U.S. and foreign stocks, indexes, even commodities — three days in advance.

Dad has made the software so easy that a bright 12-year-old child could easily read what securities, indexes or commodities will go long or short in order to pile on the profits — both as a bear and a bull.

These demonstrations only take place between 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and exclusively Monday through Friday. No exceptions.

However, we will schedule an exact time and day you choose. Its starts with you confirming your email address, your home address and your day time phone number. Our staff will call you and schedule the best time for your personal one-on-one demonstration.

There are four VERY REASONABLE catches. There are always a few catches when you’re presented with a life-changing opportunity.

Catch #1: If your spouse is involved in your decision to buy our incredibly powerful predictive Artificial Intelligence computer software he or she MUST join in the on the one-on-one demonstration.

Catch #2: You’ll have just one opportunity to buy my father’s most popular software package at a 40% discount.

This starter package, which includes forecasts for 6 markets, sectors or pairs of your choice, is capable of generating tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands in profits a year — depending on how big your trading account(s) are…. yes, you can make millions of dollars a year if you’re work working with a $250,000 trading account.

There is additional Artificially Intelligent software many of our customers buy for beyond the initial 6 markets, sectors, or pairs we sell in the introductory package. Most often people are so ecstatic with the profits they generate using the starter package — they quickly return to buy additional software packages.

Catch #3: We’ll give you a full 14 days to test the software, in which time you may well pay for it — in several winning trades. However, if you wish to cancel the use of this software for any reason there is a $495 processing fee.

So few people want to stop using Dad’s Artificial Intelligence powered trading software, the processing fee is rarely an issue. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Catch #4: Our representatives will explain how easy it is to read the predictive forecasts, but they are not licensed investment advisors and will never give you a buy or sell recommendation.

Follow-up service: We provide a full 6-months of technical, non-technical related inquiries, follow-up training as well as a dedicated account manager available from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Click here and let several of our customers tell you themselves how incredible my father’s powerful predictive Artificial Intelligence trading software has worked for them. These are real people who have made piles of money — not paid actors or actresses.*

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Lane Mendelsohn

P.S. If you decide to become one of those who has the edge of investing and trading using the power of Artificial Intelligence we’ll make getting it VERY easy and fast. We accept every major credit card and will quickly set you up and train you. Then we’ll be there for you a full 6 months with both technical and non-technical related inquiries, as well as follow up training.