5 tips to avoid trolls

Hand’s up, if you hate trolls. Even if you are a practicing buddhist you’ll find them a bit irritating, don’t you?

If you are a page admin, you post daily or few times a week. If you do so, you’ll cannot avoid trolls. A matter of course you have to answer most of the comments to gain engagement, but sometimes there’s a thin line between a persuadable potential customer or a troll. Trolls can easily harm your reputation, and steal your valuable time. Not easy to follow all comments and detect trolls especially if make a tons of posts. But some tricks can help you to bypass some.

#Trick 1: Activate your message and call-to-action button, and make a customer service form if possible

Since people associates FB and social media with prompt answers, more and more customers and trolls go to to FB pages to contact with businesses.

The soon you can manage people to communicate sensitive topics (including complaints) directly you and not on an open interface, the less harm they can do. First of all, you have to answer all messages, and within minutes or hours. You should answer all, and be the last one on the conversation. So if he answer “ :)” — you should answer something, a thumps up usually enough in this case. :)

Please activate your call to action button if you have not done it yet. A proper choice also help your audience to connect with you directly.

A more sophisticated method is to develop a simple customer service form, so people feels you care about their issue. T-com Hungary dedicated a small team for their FB customer service interface, because they were flooded by complaints and angry customers. Anytime they had been posting, there was a complaining comment under the post. Now according to their opinion, it works well, they are not flooded.

#Trick 2: Use very nice pictures, and avoid questions

I know that everybody says “FB encourages videos” and “the more you publish the more engagement you get”, “be interactive, try to get connected with your audience”.

Here I’d like to reveal the fact that a very nice picture contributes up to 70%-80% of the post success. If the model is very charming, lovely, nice, not laughing extremely, or the land is very optimistic, etc, it warms your audiences’ heart. The more extreme your post are, the more troll it will attract, it is obvious. But even slight changes can make big impacts on results. Now two colleauges helps me to choose pictures for posts — the fact is that they have better sence to pick attractive pictures. Since they choose them, our post engagement doubled.

My suggestion for questions is to simply avoid them. If it is very popular: it always attract trolls, and do not make big impact on the business. If it is not very popular, avoiding the question means avoiding the shame that only a few interested about it.

#Trick 3: “Let it go, let it go,

— and the trolls never bother you anyway.” If you have a well managed audience (so they like your page, they like to be active on your page because you treat them well), your core audience will help you. So before you want to write for your troll ASAP, wait a few hours, and your audience will protect you and manage the troll. If they never do it — it means there is some room for improving your audience comminication.

#Trick 4: Target your post promotion carefully

If you promote a post, it is a logical decision to target it all of your followers. But you have to be very rational this time. Be specific with the age, avoid covering more than two decades. I suggest it do it with the location, too.

#Trick 5: Use FB notes to cover FAQ

There was a non-profit foundation I helped, and on their FB page every third(!) comment was the same. “And what about….?” Nobody can be very nice for hundredth of time. The foundation is about a very special issue, and they struggle with a lot of misbeliefs. So I wrote them notes for FB, and managed tab of FB note to center position right under FB cover. It was easily noticeable, and helped them a.)referring to it when somebody does not notice it himself b.)lots of people notice it himself. Even your page does not have very special issues, it is not a big business to cover 2–3 FAQ topics, so I encourage you to write them ASAP.

Finally, a last thought. Despite trolls cause a lot of frustration, it can drive us to improve customer management methods which is a very useful skill — and if it does not work it is still possible to ban them forever and ever.

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