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We are inspired to see the Ethereum community rallying and adapting in the face of the unprecedented challenges we are all living through. Whether transforming conferences into virtual events or pushing to buidl and ship products, the community has once again shown it is resilient and resourceful. If there’s one industry that has learned how to overcome adversity, it’s surely crypto.

But we know it’s tough out there, too. At Marketing DAO, we are determined to do our part to help teams navigate these turbulent times. Today, we are announcing…

From Nepal to Kenya to the Czech Republic, from a graphic novel to wallet onboarding to limited-edition swag, Marketing DAO is pleased to share the 10 projects that will receive a small amount of initial seed funding from Marketing DAO for efforts aligned with our mission to help grow the Ethereum brand.

We received almost 100 funding proposals, honed in on a few dozen of the best projects and then voted for the top 10 that we believe can have the most short-term impact.

Here are the winners and their 30-second video proposals as seen on Pepo:


— an auction…

Propose your ideas to become eligible for funding by the Marketing DAO

When we introduced the Ethereum Marketing DAO, we outlined three initial strategy initiatives:

  1. Develop strong Ethereum positioning
  2. Deeply know our audience
  3. Establish a strong ground presence

To accomplish these goals, we need contributors that have marketing expertise, creative ideas, and the capacity to deliver the work. To canvass the community for ideas and resources, we’re opening up our proposals process so we can start to build an inventory of great projects.

Today, we are launching a simple Request for Ethereum Marketing Ideas and Projects process. If you are…

Marketing DAO is a group of individuals working to coordinate the presentation and growth of the Ethereum brand globally. In order to do that, our group has identified the following projects to get started:

  1. Build a World-Class Brand for Ethereum
  2. Deeply Know Our Audience
  3. Develop a Strong Physical Presence — Ground Game

As we build up the resources to support these projects, we have been working on building a strong foundation for the governance of the DAO. For us, being a DAO means that we are democratic, efficient, and open. …

The Marketing DAO has been set up to surface, fund, and execute the right marketing efforts to benefit Ethereum and its thriving ecosystem. The purpose of this post is to introduce you to some Decentralized Autonomous Organization basics and explain how you can onboard yourself and participate in the decentralized marketing effort. We are forking a version of the Moloch DAO for this purpose.

First off, why a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (or DAO) is a new type of organization that attempts to coordinate group activity and utilizes some form of “on-chain” governance. This is achieved through placing a variety of standard organizational functions…

Ethereum is the largest open-source platform for building decentralized applications and running smart contracts. Its growth has been spectacular, an achievement that has been primarily fueled by a fast-expanding, self-motivated global community of developers and supporters.

Remarkably, this growth has been accomplished without a concerted effort to market Ethereum by the Ethereum Foundation, which is instead focused on the most essential goals, from building out the Ethereum infrastructure to onboarding developers.

However, the market has evolved. Ethereum has grown to the point where there is a need to formalize and professionalize a set of marketing and communications activities to benefit…

Marketing DAO

Growing Ethereum as a brand. Doing it the Ethereum way.

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