Will Italy adapt to the other European countries that have invested first in the digitalization of the industrial production?

Industry 4.0 is mainly a trend related to industrial automation, improvement and increase of the industrial production. A strategic innovation for the future of Italian industry.

However, Italy, compared to other European countries, in terms of dissemination of Ict competencies is positioned in the 18th place among the EU countries regarding the digitization of the industrial system, despite being ranked second in Europe about the robotics in companies.

So, it is important, move Italy from that eighteenth place and the government of Italy has decided to launch the national industry plan 4.0 2017–2020, believing that adjustment to industry 4.0 is of fundamental importance.

The Industry Plan 4.0 provides a range of tax incentives, including super amortization, a valuation of 140% of investment in capital goods and over-amortization, an increase of 250% of the acquisition cost of certain categories of goods.

What are these categories of god?

Categories include all new material assets, devices and technologies that enable transformation 4.0. . In particular, we are interested in that, goods whose operation are controlled by computer system such as: machine tools for removal, machine tools, operating with electro erosion, plastic machines and other typology of machine tools (Annex A of Italian Stability law)

Thanks to Industry Plan 4.0, it has been possible a collaborative production between companies through advanced techniques for planning the production, the management of the online logistics and information system interoperability.

Why we are interested in this category (machine tools, plastic machines, sheet metal machines)?

Makinate with the Website, www.makinate.com, deals with trade of used industrial machines, especially machine tools.

So, our customers are companies that have their production lines machine tools. These companies, according to their needs, have benefited or are still using the facilities provided by industry plan 4.0

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