Six Fantastic Marketing Tools to Utilize and optimize your 2017 Marketing efforts!

Danny Bitro
Jul 17, 2017 · 6 min read

As technology has advanced, businesses are looking for the best ways to make progress in their respective markets. With competition only increasing, this has gotten harder as time has gone on. However, there seems to have been a savior in recent years in the shape of fantastic marketing tools. For a while, the market was small and businesses knew where to look but now there is a new problem; knowing which marketing tool is the most effective.

For some reason, we look at the sheer amount of choice as a bad thing rather than a chance to really find the right tool for our business. As consumers, we should relish in the options we have because each marketing tool is fighting to be the best with new features and lower prices. With all this in mind, we want to help make the decision a little bit easier by providing six of the very best. From here, you can decide which is the best for your needs both now and long into the future!


Originally from Israel and still based in Tel Aviv, Kenshoo quickly gained attention across Israel and the surrounding countries before making the jump to the US. Founded in 2006, it started as a search-engine marketing automator before slowly adding more features over time. Now, they offer various automated solutions including creative A/B testing, cross device campaigns, and bidding optimization.

Furthermore, their services are available on desktop and mobile meaning businesses can access Kenshoo from different devices depending on where they are and what they have available. In terms of analytics, they boast a main dashboard showing various statistics which can be helpful when looking to make progress.

On the down side, this isn’t the program for you if you need help with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as Kenshoo does not operate in these areas. Instead, they focus on Google Ads, Apple Search, and Ad Networks optimization. Although Kenshoo is one of only three who offer automated services in this list, we believe you will be better off waiting for another tool if social media will be important for you in the coming months and years.


Over the years, CompanionLabs has received plaudits all around the world for manual solutions and their work on Facebook. Essentially, they have realized their strengths and stuck to it for many years. Above all else, they concentrate on manual bidding optimization on Facebook. If this is a service you require, CompanionLabs is a fantastic choice.

Based out of Ohio, you can get started for just $2 per day and you can even test the platform with a one-week free trial. When you start working with CompanionLabs, it’s clear to see they want to make the whole process more accessible to the wider market. Offering to get you started within three minutes, they call their platform a ‘plug-in’ solution without the steep learning curve that normally comes with the more extensive programs. Ultimately, they claim to make Facebook advertising more ‘predictable and efficient’ within 48 hours.

For most customers, the biggest issue with CompanionLabs is that it’s a specialized platform and only offers bidding optimization for Facebook. If this is all you need, this isn’t a problem but most of us need more from our marketing experience such as other social media sites, more networks, and some automated solutions; all things CompanionLabs do not offer.


Before we go any further with AITarget, there is one major downfall and this is the lack of automation just as we saw with CompanionLabs. In terms of manual solutions though, they go further by offering manual creative A/B testing as well as manual bidding optimization and manual targeting A/B testing by Rules. For all of the above, this will help with your marketing plans on Facebook which is one of the largest social media platforms in the world alongside Twitter and Instagram.

Much like CompanionLabs and Kenshoo again, the platform is available on desktop as well as mobile so this allows for flexibility when targeting Facebook. Overall, it is a very good program if it meets your needs but we can’t help but return to the lack of Twitter, Apple Search, Google Ads, Pinterest, and automation opportunities. What’s more, they also lack an analytics dashboard which makes progression harder.

If what we have mentioned meets your needs, there is no reason not to choose AITarget and you even get a chance to test for two weeks before deciding whether or not to go ahead with the purchase. Moving forward, they can be a good choice and still represent one of the best options on the market but we found ourselves wanting more just as we did with Kenshoo and CompanionLabs.


So far, we’ve been rather negative about the three programs but they are still brilliant enough to make it into this list so you won’t be let down with any as long as you choose one that matches your needs. However, now we have an option that seems to go above and beyond; Trapica.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive platform that offers everything you could possibly need for marketing this year and beyond, we believe Trapica to be the best in the market. As we have seen so far, Kenshoo, CompanionLabs, and AITarget all specialize in one area and this leaves certain other areas behind. With Trapica, you have a platform that can do it all, across all platforms, and for a respectable price.

In terms of platforms, you can utilize Trapica on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, GoogleAds, and Apple Search. In addition to automated Targeting optimization that is Trapica’s focus, you have an opportunity to use automated bidding optimization, cross device campaigns, cross social network campaigns, and automated creative A/B testing. Just when you think that’s enough, Trapica also has manual recommendations for campaign adjustments and an analytics dashboard for all campaigns even for those that are not optimized by trapica. When we said it has ‘everything’, we weren’t lying.


If you’ve done some research in this market already, you probably came across this name and that’s because it’s a fantastic piece of software. With an analytics dashboard, you can use manual creative A/B testing and manual targeting A/B testing by Rules on Facebook. Furthermore, after everything has been setup, you will receive manual recommendations for adjustments in your campaigns in order to see greater results.

Available on both mobile and desktop, AdEspresso is a particular favorite among the users because it allows you to target multiple target audiences, thousands of variants, and the preferences can be saved for reference at a later date. For beginners and experts alike, it’s clean and easy to use and the customizable dashboard allows you to see everything on one screen.

When it comes to negatives, there is a distinct lack of automated solutions which means you will have to do everything manually including creative A/B testing. Moreover, there is no bidding optimization at all and the platform can only really be used for Facebook and Instagram. If you have greater needs, we have seen better options already.


Perhaps a lesser-known alternative to AdEspresso, Adgorithems is very good for automated solutions but they also offer manual solutions which is a nice combination to have. Essentially, they have gone for the best of both worlds and many users like this freedom. Elsewhere, there is a particular focus on Google Ads which is huge business nowadays.

Sadly, there is no analytics dashboard and there is also no help for social media which is a little saddening. If Facebook and Twitter were to be added to their offering, they would be a much better option for a significant portion of the market. This being said, we shouldn’t take away from the fact it is a superb option for those who need help with Google Ads.

Which Should I Buy?

With six programs all specialising in different areas, you’re probably wondering which you should choose. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a magical answer because we all have our individual needs. For example, if you only care about Facebook, you’ll want to avoid Kenshoo and, Adgorithems.
Trapica is the only platform who can help with Twitter from the six.

All things considered, the coming years are going to be important for this decision because every business seems to be spreading their brand between platforms. Whilst you might only be on Facebook advertising now, the future could see you move into different niches. Therefore, we always recommend a program that can do everything; it’s better to have one program covering everything than six different programs each covering one area.

With this being said, we’re big fans of Trapica because it ticks all the boxes and makes life much easier. Available across a plethora of networks and platforms, the sheer amount of automated options will leave you smiling. After this, the analytics dashboard tells you how things are going and, as a finishing touch, it’s available on both desktop and mobile!

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