Startup funding can be disrupted with tokens
Antti Saarnio

I am very excited to see how forward looking you people are! Startups, and also investors, will no doubt greatly benefit from this kind of a service. I will likely support Zipper by promoting it and participating if possible.

That said, I really hope you acknowledge that Ethereum has severe limitations which will hold you back. It doesn’t even work well as a ICO-platform, as it is hitting it’s own scalability limits. There are several other blockchains that are far better suited to Zipper’s purpose, the best of which might be Bitshares. It is purpose-built to issue, transfer and trade tokens , which you can instantly notice. It has stable currencies and granular permission controls (which are essential to a ICO service), and it has been running without a glitch for years — none of which can be said of Ethereum. So please look through all the hype and carefully consider which platform you choose. There’s a Telegram channel where people seem to be very helpful in case you need to know more.


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