Do You Need A Landing Page For Google Ad Or Paid Search Campaigns?

5 Reasons To Choose A Landing Page Over Business Website For Ad Campaigns.

  1. Business Locations — If you want to run a different ad campaign for each of your business locations, you should consider a landing page for each location. It will help you to modify and target different messages for each location.
  2. Website Quality Score — Sometimes the business website is poorly designed with no focus on target keywords. This results in a low-Quality Score (QS) for Google Ad campaigns. If your QS is less than 5, then a landing page would be a good option.
  3. Promoted Offer — If your website cannot be used to promote the same offer or message as your ad copy, then you may end up losing a lot of money due to a high bounce rate on your page. Make sure to modify your website content to match the message in your ad if you want to use it as the landing page.
  4. AB Testing — A landing page is an inexpensive way to test a marketing offer using AB testing. We generally create a landing page with a variation of your website offer and run the campaigns. This helps to discern the more attractive offer and the number of conversions you secure from on your landing page vs. your website. By creating a landing page with a variation of the website offer can help recognize the promotion and the number of conversions it secured from the landing page versus the website.
  5. Common page for multiple services — Your ad copy usually targets one action to be completed on your website. To get a higher conversion rate on such ads, it is important that you make the conversion process faster on your landing page. If your website pages are not separated, and you have multiple products or services offered on a single page, you may not get a good conversion rate.

A landing page is not mandatory, but it is recommended because it can feature limited content, such as more details about the ad message. If the information on the landing page is not relevant, or visitors cannot find what they are looking for, then they will most likely drop the website. To avoid high bounce rates and direct visitors to the right offer, landing page is something to consider.

Imagine you have to buy a book on a specific business topic, and Chapters decides to keep all their books tin unsorted shelves without labels. After a bit of searching, you eventually find the book, however, the experience was probably not satisfactory compared to bookshelves that were labeled according to the genre. The same applies to online purchases. Try to make it easier to find what visitors are looking for or have a landing page for each campaign for faster conversions.

An average cost for designing a landing page is usually one-tenth of an average website cost. If strategically any of the above-mentioned situations apply to your business goals, we suggest you use landing pages for your ad campaigns.

Originally published at on March 20, 2017.