What is a dreamer?

A dreamer is forgotten.

Dreamers are the certain type of person whom no one understands. The kind of person who’s mentality is different than others. They think about everything. Overthinking things that didn’t need to be thought out in the first place. Dreamers are the naturally unaccepted, because they are different. They have faces like everyone else. They dress as everyone else. They talk like everyone else. However, they mentally…. are beyond the wisest men and woman.

They’re thinkers, writers, creative souls. They think outside of the box. They create friends, but can’t keep them because they are constantly moving into different stages in life.

Dreamers live on our earth, but their minds are constantly above the clouds. Thinking about anything and everything. Dreamers go out into the world, and try to change it, without even realizing is.

Dreamers are always forgotten. Their are many dreamers. Far too many to count. The kids who always said things you never understood. The kids who believed things you never heard of. Felt emotions you could never understand. Dreamers are the forgotten because they are never in your life for too long. They’re always in someone’s life for a reason. they leave some type of impact on you, but when they leave… all you’re left with is a vague memory of what they were like….

…. I’m a dreamer…

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