Connected, self-driving cars and so much time for in-car content services…Booya

While UBER testing self-driving cars in San Francisco I’m still wondering about this: “What to do with all the spare time during such a ride?”

Now from my perspective that is actually the point when it comes to in-car content services and of course questions upon questions I got…like: “Can I switch over content services hosted by my own mobile to on board screens or are there any services beside this? If so… what kind of services and am I able to choose them during my advance booking or at the beginning of the ride? Or is it a blend out of these? And what about the mass of data and information and the analysis processes behind the scenes? What kind of data will be transferred and used? Do I need to enable this before the ride or is there an automatism which comes with my acceptance of the terms and conditions of a driving service like UBER. And finally…will that be the beginning of real Direct-Response-Marketing at all?”

Time to take a closer look at the possibilities. What about that? You ordered a driving service and now getting picked up by an UBER. You open the door, get in the car and the vehicle start asking you if you want to connect with entertainment services like Spotify, Netflix or any other kind of service you prefer. Pick from a list and enjoy for free by watching two short ads of your choice. And here we go.
Now the 5th generation of wireless technology providing the bandwidth needed for real time streaming, cloud services and all the data and signals processing in the car while driving autonomous and exchanging data with other cars, lots of smart devices around and receiving ads by stores nearby. But you don’t have to worry about anything. ANYTHING! Just lean back and go check your Emails or what’s up on Snapchat or Instagram, make calls with friends or maybe colleagues to discuss last project issues or you can even have a look at your accounts and make some transactions using Outbank.

Done. So what to do next?

Still dealing with that question the car has detected enabled buying lists or digital vouchers on your smart device and now asking you if you wanna purchase the products from your list right now, makes you any proposals where to buy best and make great savings or you will get proposals where to redeem your collected vouchers. Hey…what about that free Latte you can grab at Starkbucks? Well…yes. Let’s get it. Dear passenger UBER on board service check detected up to 40% saving at Safeway and great Black Friday deals at Kash n’ Karry too. Wanna go for it? YES…sure! Oh no wait please…need to go to work first. Make sense!

Regardless what happens…the focus and relative strength of car industry is shifting tremendous and comes up with big chances and even bigger challenges for the established manufacturers. But I guess it’s not only a matter of how we move tomorrow which will by the way radically be changed by many of the nontraditional tech companies…no it’s about the whole package Santa packed. It’s about creating links and interfaces between all persons and processes who are included in this very process. Also, it’s not only a matter of better information, transferring and receiving data and the delivery of customized ads. This also requires the unrestricted removal of physical and technical barriers.

What kind of in-car content services will be delivered and from which provider? What will be the ultimate standard? Are the big players and platforms going to lead the game? Or…are disruptive tech companies going to define the whole settings?

The future’s out there!