Dear Keegan-Michael Key

I’m going through your new show “Friends from College.” I think it’s entertaining but the characters don’t seem self aware. While I value that it creates extreme emotion, in the Netflix model I almost tuned out after the first 2 episodes because I didn’t find them likable (though the situations were extremely relatable). I’m glad I didn’t because they grew on me, but I’m an extreme watcher. Catering to someone with these viewing habits is a niche, and would hate if this is one of these great shows that gets wrecked by those with less patience.

I really respect what you’ve been doing with your career as of late, your more recent roles are definitely opening up characters with multiple layers. This show grows your character from a flawed human, to someone I’m cheering for. What I hate is that I can’t justify why; grasping at bathtubs moments and pivoting to creating a character who he wishes he could be.

Anyway, I’m about halfway through episode 3, and finally hitting that magical moment where I want binge. Will update after a few more.

Ok — into episode 5. The joke with the lantern feels like someone wrote the first half… and then someone else shouted out — — “And then it lights a tree on fire!” If you revert to that joke, there better be some delivery on that later.

Nat Faxon & Billy Eichner are fucking great. They’re like the dessert that hits the spot after a really great meal. A dessert can’t be the whole meal, but they’re in there just enough to be the cherry on top.

Your acting in this show is way stronger than the voices. So good. The show builds this great world, the impressions kinda jar me out of it.

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