UNperfect Parents are Smart Parents

Millennials grew up with technology intertwined in every part of their lives, making school work easier, job search more efficient, and keeping in touch effortless. As Millennials move into parenthood, it only makes sense that they look to technology to support them in the same way it has throughout their previous life stages. In the world where there is an app for everything, thankfully there are apps to make the mundane but crucial parts of parenthood less painful so that parents can spend more quality time bonding with their children.

For generations, we believed in the impossible ideal of the Parent, someone who has it all — ambitious career, picture perfect family, and with time to spare for homemade cookies. The super mom exists somewhere, right? Wrong!

Also worth noting is that the definition of family has changed since the 50s. Today the concepts of the single Dad, the single Mom, co-parenting, and same sex parents all represent accepted versions of family. As such the traditional roles and responsibilities of Mom and Dad have changed.

Thankfully, Millennials are on board with this idea of the UNperfect parent and unlike previous generations who may be ashamed or afraid to ask for help, they are getting all the help they can from tech enabled services. These parents leverage technology to optimize their life, coordinate between mom, dad, and kids, while ensuring the well being of their family with a trusted expert.

Wonderschool (formerly One Preschool), the Airbnb of early childhood care, is an example of technology enabling smart childcare. The company’s vision is to provide quality in home early childhood education to every child. Wonderschool partners with educators to create quality local early childhood education programs. They leverage software to provide regulatory, administrative, educational, operational, and technical services to parents and/or educators seeking to turn their homes into day care or preschool facilities. Wonderschool bridges the gap between formal education and in-home child care, accepting students as young as 18 months and as old as 4.5 years. Wonderschool pairs excess care giving capacity with unmet demand from families who are looking for high quality and affordable care, essentially providing a way for discerning parents to be fully present in their careers while maximizing care for their little ones. Wonderschool is currently operating in California with plans to quickly expand across the country.

From nutrition and education to feed schedule and diaper sensors, technology is helping savvy parents care for their children in a more efficient and more effective way while giving them valuable time back to spend with their children and to lead fulfilled adult lives.

Disclosures: Cross Culture Ventures is a proud investor in Wonderschool. The UNperfect parent is one of several investment themes that we will detail later this year in our State of Culture Report.

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