A Time to Kill iTunes
M.G. Siegler

One thing I learned from iTunes is, I can create playlist Folder, which you Can’t in iOS, same as smart playlists. I have Tons of Playlists, and although I can go through them by scrolling on my iPhone, i just feel like a folder is still quicker for me to navigate through the lists. Also, I can add personal music into iTunes, there’re lots of remix songs I have which is not available on Apple Music (or yet), and I can drag them into iTunes, and they will sync through all my iOS devices. Pretty pretty useful. The logic behind iTuens I figured out is, iTuens is a Library based app, focusing on media (songs, Vids, books, podcasts etc) files, which Photos app, on the other hand, is focusing on Picture or vids. Once we got many songs ( which everyone will have one day), we need to organise them, and thats what iTunes is for. If we separate all the sub libraries, for example, a music library, a movie library, a audio book library app, the user will be annoyed by all those things… And I feel like there might be a chance the music and movies library may separate, but I just like a centerlised app to organise all media relatives thikngs