I wish McCain well. And hope he course corrects.

Once upon a time I was a “conservative.”

Not one of those “take your rights away, dislike you because you’re different conservatives.”

It was post 9/11 and I shifted. Admittedly, I freaked out at a younger point in my life.

Then, I ended up working with people that were adversely affected by the policies of the right. And I had to decide: Do I take in the experiences of these people and learn from it?

If I learn from it, does it change me?

if it changes me, do I let that be public?

Clearly, I did.

So today, John McCain had a similar experience to the start of my experience.

Jul 15 2017
Washington, D.C. ­– At the request of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and his family, Mayo Clinic released the following statement today:
“Following a routine annual physical, Sen. John McCain underwent a procedure to remove a blood clot from above his left eye on Friday, July 14 at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix. Surgeons successfully removed the 5-cm blood clot during a minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision. Tissue pathology reports are pending within the next several days.
“The Senator is resting comfortably at home and is in good condition. His Mayo Clinic doctors report that the surgery went ‘very well’ and he is in good spirits. Once the pathology information is available, further care will be discussed between doctors and the family. In the meantime, his Mayo Clinic care team will not be conducting interviews.”
The office of Senator McCain also released the following statement:
“Senator McCain received excellent treatment at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, and appreciates the tremendous professionalism and care by its doctors and staff. He is in good spirits and recovering comfortably at home with his family. On the advice of his doctors, Senator McCain will be recovering in Arizona next week.”
As available, more information on Senator McCain’s progress will be made public.

He went in for something routine, found something surprising, and had to deal with it. I am glad he’s well.

But I will say this: This is an experience that should CHANGE HIS VOTE ON TRUMPCARE.

Healthcare isn’t about “I’m healthy and got a vaccine.” It’s the thing that protects you from the unexpected… like cancer, or a child’s heart defect, or a surprise blood clot in your eye.

It’s easy to do the jokes, about irony and karma. I choose otherwise.

I hope that McCain leaves the Mayo Clinic — his eyesight intact — and looks at Trumpcare with clear vision.

And — living a moment that others live without the benefit and privilege he has — makes the choice to course correct.

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