It’s not optics. It’s not poor rally planning. It’s Trump.

And it will be up to us to Re-America America. Because he seems incapable.

It starts with this story which is shocking because even the most cynical of political figures would realize: You have to show some shred of humanity. And yet:

None. As the internet flooded with images of Obama comforting victims… of storms, of gun violence… we saw Trump in his hat, Melania in her heels but more importantly, we did not see him talk to anyone who personally suffered in the midst of this humanitarian crisis.

It’s not optics. Not poor planning. It’s seems to be a basic lack of humanity from Trump. And I am not writing this from a place of outrage, I am writing this from a place of sadness at this point.

I am stating a fact.

Why would he visit victims when he considers himself the biggest victim there is? Everything’s rigged. Crooked. Fake. It’s never him. It’s always somebody else who needs to be fired, or removed.

But this is not a reality show where you can edit out the terrible bits. The Presidency is running a 24 hour live-stream which means it’s all of Trump for all to see. What we’re seeing is not pretty and it’s being noticed — by more and more — every day.

I know it seems like it’s taking forever. This is the opposite of what happens with time when you’re having fun — but it’s happening.

What’s broken seems to be the person. There’s no pivot. No “new Trump.” He will not become “Presidential.” This is our burden now: We have to Re-America America while trying to push back against someone who has no idea what America means and doesn’t have the capacity, or the will, to even fake it.

So we #resist. All of it. Ride it out. Hope we don’t get caught in a nuclear temper tantrum. And as we do, we run out the clock. Hold the GOP accountable in 2018 and try to flip the house so ONE branch of Government can hold this regime at bay.

Right now, they seem hellbent on making things worse.

Regardless of 2018, we do the same until 2020. Lives depend on it. America depends on it.

As if typing this.

Most of all we can’t lose hope. We’re seeing the Trump regime for who they are AND aren’t. Stay informed as to what is happening and what is changing… things like Amy Siskind’s terrifying weekly list of our slide into an authoritarian government…

…And #Resist with smart and heart.

We have to take care of Texas. Louisiana. To do that we have to donate, chip in anyway we can. But it also means, we can’t allow terrible tax and budget cuts leave them stranded. Thats a fight. So is DACA.

So is “The Wall.” So is…Everything. We have to be the America Trump is incapable of tending to, and seems bent on destroying.

We have to stay strong. Stay Indivisible.

Stay human.

Stay kind.

Today, it starts here.

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