Of course they won’t use the #25thamendment. Not the point.

The point is: This President is unwell and should NOT hold the reigns of power. And if it annoys him and embarrasses to the point he quits, GOOD.

But be clear: It SHOULD be about the 25th Amendment. Or #TrumpRussia. Don’t get me wrong. It absolutely should. He’s not well, he’s corrupt, he’s using the constitution like toilet paper and a complicit GOP is allowing is.

Still… You saw the “Legion of Buttkissers” at that cabinet meeting and Paul Ryan isn’t going to lay down the law on Trump until he’s got your grandmother eating Fancy Feast.

What I have grown to accept is, if Trump is going to troll America as the GOP uses him to tear it apart… then let America troll trump. It’s theraputic. Better, if it works. It slows him down. It deligitimizes his fraud of a win.

Are there real concerns about his mental health? You bet.

Plus, if you’d like to read a REALLY good run about that, I suggest DocRocketex26 feed on twitter. It’s loaded with smart, logical dissection of just what’s wrong with this orange lunatic.

But whether it’s true or only 99% true, I know this: It’s bothering him. It has to. Because of his “I have a good brain” and all that. He likes to talk about how smart he is, even as he doddles away from interviews and walks in the wrong direction to get to his car.

And this loud discussion is happening on his “home turf” — Twitter — the place he goes to talk to his “people.” And it’s getting harder and harder to get on Twitter without Trump running into people pointing out… he’s unfit for the job and that history will treat him poorly. Hence the blocking.

We don’t trust him with healthcare. #Trumpcare is polling at 17%.

We don’t trust his “VOTER FRAUD PANEL” — 44 states now (I believe) have told him to go jump in a lake.

And there’s images like this:

He sees this. And it bugs him. You know it does.

…which I’m sure keep him up at night (along with many other symptoms).

But this #25thAmendment thing opened up the conversation publicly: Is the President unwell? Has he ever gone to a doctor that didn’t look like he used to play in “Huey Lewis and the News?”

It went from a small corner of twitter to trending, internationally, a week before he had to fly to Germany and talk to smart people about things he didn’t understand.

And then he wandered away like a Grandpa Simpson until the handlers pointed him to the right car.

Wait, the car is that way?

People complain: “This deligitimizes the President.” And I say, so? After years of birtherism, so. After decades of bigotry, so. After the Central Park Five, so. After the Billy Bush tapes, so. After the Mika tweets, so? Anything that takes five minutes away from scrawling his name on an executive order like a child signing a macaroni plate is fine with me.

It’s five more minutes he’s not trying to decipher a nuclear code.

In the meantime, the real #Resistance continues. Blocking #Trumpcare. Fighting the #MuslimBan. Protecting Medicaid. AND Social Security. Following the leads on #TrumpRussia. #Emolument suits. Whatever the NY AG is up to. And of course, Mueller.

If I thought for one second ANYTHING coming out of the Trump administration would make the country or world a better place, I’d think twice about this. But by his cabinet choices, his actions, his current words and his past deeds, we know better.

So every little thing takes up the time of terrible, corrupt pack of wolves who expected to walk into the White House and loot the country with ease is a win. Anything that distracts Trump is a win.

Because left to his own volition, he will make a decision based on ZERO knowledge and it will be a terrible one.

I don’t believe we’re going to get this guy out with the 25th amendment, regardless of how certifiable I believe him to be. If there’s a 1 in 1000 chance we can, great. If not, maybe he has a bad morning.

I *do* believe we can flip the house in 2018, which means the more we can stall out the clock, the more we can obstruct, the less damage that can be done before a real check and balance arrives.

That’s the goal.

Distract the easily distractable.

And for my next nominee I’d like to… SQUIRREL!

Stall the worst of it.

And while he’s drawing on walls and throwing his temper tantrum, start planning for 2018 and 2020. If people live in places with oppressive voter ID laws, get them voter IDs. Prepare to get out the vote. Fight voter suppression. Prepare. Then prepare again.

And while this has been a MISERABLE six months it has been six months already. Time flies when you’re fighting against an authoritarian regime. And in 2018, there are many Trumpkins running against his record that happen to be in blue districts.

Congress and a few senators will be starting to worry about re-election soon.

Trump will be worrying about re-election soon with an ever shrinking base.

Run out the clock.

Run out America’s patience.

Then run them out of town.

As of publishing.

Hang in there. He’s in Europe and he WILL embarrass us. But… by the time you read this he’ll have been a stain on history for 166 days. I didn’t think we’d last this long, but we did.

But we have to last this long… and continue to fight.


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